Jigsaw Puzzles

Keep your mind active and check out our deals on jigsaw puzzles. From personalised photo puzzles to 3D landmarks, Wowcher has plenty of savvy deals that'll train your brain as you and the whole family join in to piece together the image!

Different Types of Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalised Puzzles

For something the whole family can get involved with, personalised puzzles will provide endless giggles and bring everyone's competitive side out. Whether you want to stitch dad up with an off-guard pic of him snoozing on the sofa, or bring a tear to everyone's eye with a family picture from a holiday you almost forgot about, these are super easy to do. Simply head online, upload your image, and enjoy!

3D Puzzles

3D puzzles are a relatively new phenomenon that have taken the games industry by storm. Perfect for kids aged 8 years old and above, these complex jigsaws are created from plastic foam, cut to match an image's dimensions. If you like a challenge when playing along with friends or family, then it's time to step things up to three dimensions! You can choose from a range of different themes, from world landmarks to Disney characters, there's something for everyone.

Globe Puzzle

Think you know everything about space? The range of puzzles that'll test out this theory are simply out of this world. These unique concepts comprise of 3D jigsaws where each plastic piece forms together to create a solid sphere, representing one of the many planets on this universe. Some of these puzzles even come equipped with an axle so you can rotate the puzzle, just like the Earth!


There's no need to trek all the way to the games store to scan through the isles for the perfect puzzle, let it come to you through the beauty of home delivery! Perfect for personalised puzzles or those of you who like to see every option, this is a quick and easy option to bring the fun.

Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good for Memory?

Give your brain the training it needs by spending your afternoon on a jigsaw puzzle! These popular games have been proven to reinforce both new and existing connections between our brain cells. In turn, this improves memory speed and thought processes, holding a huge effect on short-term memory in particular.