How To Make Your House More Tech Savvy

The fantasy of having robotic servants do your bidding around the house may be a little more farfetched than we thought, but there are plenty of other ways you can make your house tech savvy!

Video Doorbell

Doorbell ringing but you're not expecting someone? Quickly see a live feed of who is at the door with a video doorbell, allowing you to decide whether or not the knocking is worth answering or not...These smart doorbells also allow you to speak to whoever is waiting even when you're not at home, and they can speak back! This means telling the postman to leave a parcel with a neighbour or in a safe space has never been easier, and you can also easily ward off unwanted guests that may be snooping where they don't belong.

Smart Speakers

In the mood for a boogie but have your hands full? With a smart speaker, all you have to do is ask your home assistant (Google, Alexa, etc.) to play the music you want to hear. You can also connect to smart speakers with your phone or smart watch, so even if you don't have a home assistant you can turn on the tunes without having to lift anything more than one finger. These speakers are great for parties where anyone can request the next song, or large families that can't decide who gets to pick the next playlist.

Security Systems

A tech savvy house is also a safe house. Smart security systems today are incredible at keeping you and your belongings safe, with simple things such as motion sensor lights and cameras on the outside of your home, to night vision cameras and even machines that automatically alert the police if there is movement when or where there shouldn't be. Most of the time these systems can quickly and easily be linked to a phone application or smart watch too, meaning that you can also be alerted if something is going on in your home - even if you're miles away.

Robot Hoovers

No-one enjoys hoovering, so why not just leave a robot to do the dirty work? With Roombas and other robot hoovers, you can have your floors sparkling clean with no effort on your part - you don't even have to be in the house when it happens! Simply download an app and communicate with your clever robot hoover through that. You can tell it where to clean, how long to clean for, and whether or not you want a deep clean or just a quick once-over! Most robot hoovers come with laser pointers (or you can buy them online) that you can place around your home to block off areas that it doesn't need to be. So, if you don't want the little guy to get into the garden but want to leave the door open, just turn on and place the laser across the door frame, and the robot hoover will avoid anything beyond that line.


Though we hope we'll never have a use for them, recordings of your home can be a life-saver after a home break-in. Nowadays, you don't have to have huge cameras that stand out or ruin your fancy decor, some can be as small as a few centimetres wide and barely noticeable sat on a shelf or up in the corner of a room. With this footage you can make sure you catch anyone attempting to break in or rob your house in the act, and then give this to insurance companies if anything does get taken or broken. On the other hand, you might just capture some funny moments between you and your guests!