How to Pick the Best Bedding?

Sleep is a priority in most of our lives, obviously, but we often look for the cheapest bedding-why? Lack of sleep can have negative impacts on us, leaving us with too many emotions. Good quality bedding is a way to care for yourself and could be another addition to your self-care routine! High quality fabrics can protect your skin and hair, leaving you feeling good and looking good.

Superior bedding also lasts longer, requiring less replacement and so saving you money. Lastly but maybe most importantly, good bedding will tie your bedroom together. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and it should set the tone and ambience with the right bedding. Now wanna get good bedding but don’t know where to start? By the end of this piece, you’ll be sheeting for the bedding stars!

Choosing the right type of bedding can have you feeling smothered but with clarification you’ll be right on your way. Bedding can come in all different textures, shapes and styles! You’ll probably be familiar with the most popular type of bedding- cotton! Think of cotton as your childhood bestie- classic and comforting. Just adding an extra layer of attention comes Egyptian cotton, your university bestie- handpicked and better textured (to deal with your meltdowns).

Only seen in the hotter months is summer cooling, linen-adjacent bedding, our long-distance bestie- fresh, fun and can last for decades if treated well. As well these bedding types, we also have seersucker, teddy bear fleece, reversible and printed bedding! Seersucker bedding has a uniquely uneven, crepe-like texture that comforts you to no end! Teddy bear fleece bedding is an extra-warming option for those colder months, and in them you’ll be quilt-y of being too cosy! Reversible and printed bedding are often made with fresh cotton but add a pop of colour to your room.

First things first, cotton is breathable allowing air to circulate and keep you at a satisfyingly cool temperature throughout the night. Hate waking up in a sweaty mess? Cotton bed sheets will keep you at a comfortable temperature, absorb any sweat and will allow the heat to escape- sounds like the perfect solution! What’s even better, your cotton bestie will keep you refreshingly crisp in the summer and snug in the winter- she’ll be an all-year-round friend!

Cotton’s popularity lies in its versatility and general comfort – it's extremely plush and kind to your skin! Being handcrafted from a plant, cotton is natural and easy to get and maintain. Its soft and sensitive nature is great for your skin but also a great bedding choice for your kids! Their skin can be sensitive to rashes, but cotton bed sheets will keep their skin as soft as their bottom. Talking about sensitivity… cotton bedding is also hypoallergenic, meaning that any nasty chemicals have been left out of the process, and you can sleep well knowing you won’t be having any allergic reactions! Cotton bedding can last for years, when washed properly, so it truly is an in-rest-ment of a lifetime.

Want to feel like you’re on top of the pyramids? Well Egyptian cotton bed sheets will get you there. When comparing Egyptian cotton to cotton, their origins are different with the Egyptian cotton plant has been grown in a distinctive environment that allows for fine and long yarn that will definitely put a spring in your step! Handpicked with the utmost precision, Egyptian cotton bedding is filled with stronger cotton fibers that can persevere in the face of frequent washing. This makes it more durable, pillow-talking to you for many years to come!

Known for its luxurious nature, Egyptian cotton has more threads per square inch than cotton creating a thick and magnificent bed sheet, ready for royalty. Perhaps the biggest difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton is its higher thread count, thread count is a big deal in bedding so keep that in mind! You can rest happy knowing that Egyptian cotton only gets softer with time, it is the spring that just keeps on giving. While standard cotton bedsheets have varying prices, they are often cheaper than Egyptian cotton sheets, but who can put a price on sheets this soft?

Unable to sleep to the annoying whirring of your portable fan? Your sleep can be saved by summer cooling sheets whose purpose is to keep you from breaking a sweat! Leave the stuffiness behind and sleep in with perfectly cool lightweight sheets. Summer cooling sheets are breathable and can easily regulate temperature, making it perfect for the hotter months! Summer cooling blankets are often foldable so can easily be transported to other rooms or even used for travelling- the opportunities are endless!

With all the options bedded in front of you, now it’s down to you! Making a decision can be overwhelming so take a moment to reflect… do you enjoy a thicker, more rich bedding and are ready to splash out? If so, opting with the Egyptian cotton bedding may be rest! If you’re fancying a more versatile, cost-effective bedding, look no further than cotton- they will be something for everyone! While summer cooling sheets may be your long-distance bestie, they make your summer amazingly sweet, so don’t underestimate them!

Now that the day is done, it is now time for me to rest my case! Choosing bed sheets can be stuffy, but you can now sleep tight knowing this will give you the best guidance. Care for you skin, hair and kids with the right bedding that suits your needs!