Housewarming Gifts

Moving home is a massive change - first time homeowners may be starting from scratch, and experienced buyers could be looking to add something more to their home. While the process might be stressful, the gifts that come after everything's complete are usually a welcome surprise or relief for any recipient. If you want to make the homeowner's day and add a little sparkle, laughter or life to their new space, be sure to check out this guide for great housewarming gifts!

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Decorating a new home can be a big task - from essentials to 'I just had to have it's', they all make their way into a new home. Help the process along with some gifts of your own. Big areas for gift giving are in the living room or kitchen. Staple ideas include salt and pepper shakers, glasses, crockery, kitchen gadgets and other decorative gifts. Find a few of our favs below:

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Want a simple gift that's sure to be welcomed to the new home? Traditional housewarming gifts never go amiss. Something as simple as a beautiful house plant is bound to elevate the atmosphere and mood of a home. Are they a tree or flower person? Do they opt for the challenge of a living plant or is their idea of care a pet rock? Find a few of our options here:

Want to gift a helping hand with the decorating? Gift a paint decorating kit! (Pitching in with the work will be appreciated too, of course.) Check out this Paint Roller Kit. Do they like to be experimental in the kitchen? Gadgets are a cook's best friend. Make their dinner party prep that little bit easier by grabbing them a deal on these kitchen gadgets:

Personalised Housewarming Gifts

Sometimes your traditional gift idea just isn't enough. Want to go that little extra step and wow the recipient? Grab your lucky new home owner a personalised gift. Not only is it thoughtful, it'll be one of a kind and no other house will have one just like it! Personalised comes in many forms - a special mug with their name on, a custom house sign to commemorate their home or a quirky gift just to make them laugh - check out a few below:

Quirky Housewarming Gifts

Know a homeowner with an eclectic taste? Grab them a gift that will fit their style or taste. A funky rug or abstract art piece could grab their eye and heart and add to their home's atmosphere. Not only will it be useful day to day in their space, it'll remind them of you in a great way! Leave a lasting impression with quirky gifts:

Funny Housewarming Gifts

Want to give them a laugh? Leave a lasting impression and remind them of you every time they see your present? Grab them something that's bound to make them chuckle - a cosy item they can wear chilling at home or a gadget they can break out for when company's over. Here are a few ideas to give the gift of the giggles: