5 ideas for Harry Potter home décor

The world of Harry Potter is magical world of wonder. What could be better than a Hogwarts inspired home to return to each evening? From comfy soft throws to wall art and bedding sets, at Wowcher we have a wide range of products available at a range of price points!

Check out the best Wowcher has to offer below:

Creating a magical haven in your bedroom is an ideal way to bring the magic of your dreams to life. With Invisibility blankets for warm cuddles and plump pillows to rest your head on it’s easy to decorate your bedroom in the magical colour themes of the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Using warm reds and oranges you can create a comfortable cosy energy at home that reminds everyone of Gryffindor. For a Slytherin themed bedroom, combine deep forest green with black and grey. Let your Hufflepuff pride shine through with browns and yellows around your bedroom. If your brain belongs to the Ravenclaw House, then why not add a touch of navy blue to your bedroom.

Each house has a unique colour theme, making it easy for you to show your Hogwarts House through simple decor in your bedroom.

Why not add some throw cushions or colour-themed curtains to complete the Hogwarts House look?

One way of making your home appear more mystical could be to create a floating candle display, just like in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. All you need are some long thin candles and some clear string. At Wowcher we have electronic remote-controlled candles that offer the same magical effect as real candles, without the fire risk! It’s idea for households with children who want to show off the magic of Hogwarts without worrying.

Time is always ticking with wowcher deals. Why not invest in a vintage clock and create the perfect aesthetic of rustic industrial themes. Hogwarts is the perfect blend of Victorian industrial meshed with the modern world of Britishness. Add a platform 9 ¾ sign to your home as nod to the famous platform to Hogwarts.

The Harry Potter universe is full of magic and wonder. Create your own wonderful world of magic at home with everyday items!

Decant your toiletries into mason jars or decorative jars, such as your shampoo and conditioners. Now bath time is potions class, and your body care routine involves magical ingredients to continue looking your beautiful self. Line up your toiletries on display in a colour-coded fashion just like Snape’s ingredients for his classes!

Another way to add a magical note to your home is with the use of fairy lights. These versatile little lights are ideal for creating the perfect aesthetic atmosphere! Plus, these little lights take up a small amount of space and often use batteries so you’re not limited on where you can display them. The more fairy lights you use the lighter they give off, allowing you to turn off the main light and enjoy a quiet and cosy atmosphere, just like you're in the Hogwarts library!

Gardening doesn’t only exist in the muggle world, lots of famous witches and wizards are known for their herbology skills, such as Neville Longbottom. If you’re inspired by his green fingers why not create your own herb garden at home? With rosemary and thyme and basil amongst other herbs you can decorate your garden in a magical environment with stars and continuing the colourful bedroom theme into your garden.

One perfect way to add a mystical touch to your garden is with labelling your flowers or plants after their Latin names. Many of the names and spells in the Hogwarts universe are so-called after their Latin counterparts. It’s a simple way to add a touch of wonder to your herb garden without breaking the bank!

There are multiple ways to bring the magic of Harry Potter to your home. Tiny colourful details can help bring the magic to life but if you truly want to make a bold statement about your passion for the Hogwarts Universe then add some large decorative pieces of furniture!

Why not recreate the Mirror of Erised with a large gothic mirror in your hallway? We have a range of styles available with gold or silver boarders to match your home aesthetic.

Another finishing touch you could add is the ideal option for pet owners. Hogwarts students are allowed pets, from cats and owls to toads. If you too have a pet, why not create a home for them inspired by Hedwigs extravagant gold cage? No pet, no problem this also doubles as a luxurious drinks trolley for the truly extraordinary fans who want to see the magic of Harry Potter throughout their home.