Grey Curtains

Add elegance and style to your home with a grey pair of curtains. We've got blackout curtains and plain, crushed velvet or herringbone patterns to pick from.

Grey Curtains

Use grey fabric curtains to add a touch of sophistication to your home decor. The neutral colour means it will be equally at home contrasting with vibrant colours or matched up with greys in a slightly different shade. You can even try and pair them up with a funky geometric duvet if your bed is next to the window!

Plain or Patterned

If you want plain curtains we've got more shades of grey than you can write a book about! For those who want something a little different though, check out our crushed velvet, herringbone and even diamante curtains for a glamorous bedroom!

Blackout Curtains

If you're buying for the bedroom you may well want to invest in a pair of blackout curtains. Apart from their obvious light-blocking properties, blackout curtains are great for regulating the temperature in your bedroom - whether it's keeping warmth inside during the winter or stopping the sun heating your room too much in summer. Thicker curtains can even block out some exterior noise - perfect if you live on a busy street.