Grey Bedroom Ideas

If you're looking for bedroom decorating tips then grey is the way. We have loads of grey bedroom ideas, from grey bedding to furniture like beds and desks.

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Grey Bedroom Ideas

Why choose a grey bedroom, we hear you ask? More and more people are looking at grey bedding and furniture for their rooms. The main reason is a grey decoration scheme is simple while still looking elegant and well-thought out. A grey bedroom can give you a great minimalist look if you want to keep it simple or provide a backdrop to your more flamboyant schemes should you wish to add a few colourful pieces!

50 Shades of Grey

One of the best things about a grey bedroom is its versatility. You can choose a few grey pieces - say a grey duvet cover, grey curtains and a grey rug - all in the same colour to tie the room together or mix and match your shades for a little more variety. We've got more shades than you can write a novel about, from darker hues to lighter tones which can contrast beautifully with colourful walls, floors and ceilings.

Grey Bedding Sets

The easiest place to start is with a grey duvet cover set. They look great with everything from wooden bed frames to crushed velvet and with just a few neat additions like a rug or chair nearby you can really start to stamp an identity on your room. We've got everything from fleece bedding sets to luxurious Egyptian cotton so warmth and comfort won't be an issue!

Bed Frames & Drawers

Grey beds look great in every room - there's a reason everyone seems to be after one. A light grey bed is perfect for a modern feel but also consider a dark grey bed frame and even a chest of drawers for a cooler, industrial look. Just remember to buy a colourful lamp, throw or some plants to prevent things feeling a little cold!