Grandad Gifts

Struggling to think up something new and exciting to give to Grandad this year? Never fear! We've got a bunch of unique ideas that are sure to make you the favourite grandchild!

Gift Ideas For Grandad

Grandads are notoriously hard to shop for, what do you get the man that has everything? You can go with the old and boring box of chocolates or new itchy jumper, but wouldn't you prefer to think outside of the box? Think premium leather wallets, driving experiences, golf hotel stays, personalised blankets and courses in beer-making! Gardening tools and decorations, designer watches and football stadium tours, whatever you can think of, we probably have. With our help, you could make this birthday his favourite of them all!

Gifts For Grandad

Every Grandad is a lover of reminiscing and looking back at all the beloved memories he has which is why yours will love a personalised photo book or personalised photo canvas chock full of photos of you and your family. You can even go a step further and plaster your face all over a blanket for him with this personalised photo blanket, which is sure to keep him warm and laughing!

Personalised Grandad Gifts

Personalised gifts are the most thoughtful of all! However, to get a personalised present just right, you must first know your subject very well... Is your grandad the chef of the house? This personalised apron will suit him nicely! Has he always dreamed of owning his own pub? Make his dreams come true with this personalised pub mat that he can serve his new favourite guest with (you!). Does he love getting his green fingers stuck into some gardening? He'll go crazy for this gardener's gift hamper, or this adorable garden animal water fountain!

Best Grandad Gifts

The best gifts for Grandad are the ones that never go out of style. The right drink, like this spiced golden gin, or this craft beer hamper will always go down smoothly - literally! Watches, whether fancy like this Emporio Armani model or understated and simple like this design by Seiko, are also always a great way to Grandad's heart. If you're not feeling any of these material gifts, why not take Grandad on a trip you'll both never forget? Head off for a North Wales countryside stay! Or, if you and him are feeling extra adventurous (and a tad sporty) this helicopter football stadium tour is an experience that no other grandkid will top any time soon!