Gifts for TV and Film Lovers - Harry Potter, Disney, Friends and more

Finding the perfect present for a film buff is no mean feat. We’ve put together this guide to help you traverse through the world of some of Hollywood's biggest movies and cult classic tv shows. Whether you’re hunting for a present in a galaxy far, far, away or hunting down a dragon egg fit for a Targaryen, we have a wide range of gifting options available at various price ranges. Your princess will go to the ball without you having to sell your family cow....and don’t worry we sell to muggles, no galleons required!

Join the world of witches and wizards at Hogwarts and find the perfect gift to bring their magical dreams to life.

Every Witch and Wizard requires a wand, but why not gift your young sorcerer a set of magical make-up brushes, designed to look like famous wands in the Harry Potter universe, these make-up brushes will be a delight to apply make-up with.

At Wowcher we have a wide collection of collectors' items, including Funko POP! Figures. Collect your favourite characters such as Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger or even evil Voldemort.

For a truly immersive experience why not spoil your friend to a city break in London with tickets to the Harry Potter Studio included? This amazing experience will open their eyes to how these magical films were brought to life. Or if you’d like to explore some of the famous London filming locations why not indulge with a walking tour? It's the perfect luxurious present for a friend or family member who truly loves the Harry Potter universe, and we’re sure that they’ll take their favourite muggle (you).

Everybody loves cosy memorabilia, why not gift a cosy dressing gown in Gryffindor colours? Or spoil your friend with Hufflepuff headbands, Ravenclaw jewellery? Even Slytherin deserve birthday presents, so check out some of our favourite Harry Potter gifts below:

Fans of Game of Thrones will be all too familiar with the trouble family drama causes. But skip the drama and treat your mother of dragons to a trip to Westeros (i.e. Dublin) and explore what this beautiful city has to offer!

With flights included you can jet set over to Dublin and enjoy a walk tour, viewing some of the most famous scenes featured in Game of Thrones. To really sweeten the deal, why not gift them a Targaryen tracksuit and prevent further bloodshed?

Sometimes the perfect gift is the practical one, treat your friend to a “Mother of Dragons” duvet set. This cosy set features dragon scenes that everyone will love.

Westeros features beautiful jewellery pieces, at Wowcher we’ve hunted for replicas to make anyone smile at the craftmanship of intrictite jewellery. Check out some of our favourites below:

Is your little one a Bluey fan? Made for both adults and children to enjoy together this Australian show has captured hearts across the globe, and Wowcher is no exception. We’ve fallen head over heels for Bluey and Bingo, this dynamic duo spread joy wherever their waggy tails go!

Which ever episode is your favourite, be it “Baby Race”, “Grannies "or even “Rug Island”, the deals below will help you reconnect with your inner child just like Bandit. Reconnect and you’ll know exactly how to appease your toddler who just wants ice cream for dinner.

We’re a fan of all things pup-related, Paw Patrol is no exception. Get your paws on some exciting treats, from bicycles, to colour books, no matter your budget we’ve got a wide range of gifts available!

How you doin’? Looking for a gift that will make your friends be glad you are friends? Look no further than Wowcher. We have a wide range of Friends themed gifts available, from practical calendars to exciting board games or cosy hoodies!

The fun never stops with Monopoly Friends, it’s a fan favourite with families for decades. Enjoy board games with friends and family, it's the perfect way to get everybody involved on family nights. Reconnect and get everyone off their iPhone’s and iPad’s. Check out our range of Friends themed board games and jigsaws below and find the perfect game for your family!

If you’re a true Friends fan then you’ll want to show your love for Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Monica and Ross by wearing a Friends themed jumper. Stay cozy and show off how much this iconic tv show means to you. This nostalgic jumper is the perfect gift to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

It’s easy to find a selection of gifts for Friends fans at Wowcher, at prices that won’t leave you stressing. Check out some our favourites below:

Delight the Disney fan in your life with these magical gifts! Choose from a magical array of options like Lilo and Stitch-themed XL hoodies, Princess fancy dress costumers, or even an exciting trip away to truly show your Disney fan you care. These gifts bring the timeless magic of Disney into everyday life, creating smiles and treasured memories. Scroll down to explore a range of gifting ideas below:

Regardless of your budget at Wowcher we have a range of gifts available. Perhaps a 52-piece colouring set in a variety of Disney movie themes? Or an oversized Disney-themed blanket hoodie? Everyone loves Lilo and Stitch, so why not treat your friend to a plushie to cuddle? With such a wide range available at various price points, you’ll find the perfect gift in no time at all!

If your Disney friend is a fan of musicals, why not take them to the West End and enjoy a performance of the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. It’s a wonderful day out that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the savanna. Plus, with a hotel stay included, you can make a special occasion feel even fancier and enjoyable! It’s an ideal gift for a weekend away!

Small budgets doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the magic of Disney. If you are looking to push the boat out with an exciting trip, we have a range of Disney trips that won’t break the bank available to you. Enjoy a city break in Paris with park entry to Disney Land Paris included. With flights included you can stay at a wonderful hotel during your trip. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget!

For fans of this retro tv show Stranger Things, we have a wide variety of gift options for you at various price points. You can find the perfect present at Wowcher without worrying about going over budget. Check out below a few of our favourite gifting ideas:

Finding a present doesn’t mean turning your life upside down, with a range of soft and comfortable hoodies available featuring iconic graphics from the series that would make any fan smile. Or perhaps a pair of retro trainers with Stranger Things branding is the perfect gift for your friend who enjoys the nostalgia. With so many fashionable clothing options available there is a whole new world of options to choose from. Check out some of favourites below:

Delight Star Wars fans with these out of this world gifts! Choose from Funko POP! character figurines, themed apparel, and collectible memorabilia. Each item celebrates the epic saga, bringing the galaxy far, far away into their everyday life. Perfect for any occasion, these gifts will thrill both new fans and lifelong enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a gift for a collector then look no further than Funko Pop! Star Wars Collection. These stylized vinyl characters capture the essence of iconic heroes and villains from the saga. Perfect for display, each figure is meticulously crafted with distinctive details. It’s the ideal gift for fans of all ages!

Everyone needs to get cosy sometimes even Darth Vader, which is why we think you’ll love our range of cosy Star Wars themed soft blankets. It’s ideal for curling up and cuddling. Or if your little one is in need of a bag for school, why not use a Star Wars Kylo Ren backpack to store their schoolbooks and lunch box? If you know a truly dedicated Star Wars fan who wants to decorate their home wall to ceiling with Star Wars merch, then worry not, you will not have to look for a galaxy far, far, away to find Star Wars themed home decor. From bathroom towels to shelving units, we’ve a wide range of options for your Star Wars themed home. Scroll down to check out some of our favourites: Many Star Wars fans were introduced to the fandom as children, and now have the pleasure of introducing our own children to the galaxy. We’ve got toys for all ages of children available. With Monopoly being a fan favourite for generations of families it's the perfect board game that gets everyone playing together. We even have robotic toys like RC Grogu or R2D2 Tamagotchi. You’ll find the perfect gift at the perfect price below:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s amazing deals at Wowcher saving your bank out to purchase more gifts for the people you love!

We have a wide range of superhero gifts available from figurines to fancy dress to exciting kid’s toys. Scroll down to explore some our favourites:

For the ultimate DC and Marvel superhero fan, collectible figures make for exceptional gifts. These detailed figurines capture the essence of beloved characters, from Batman and Wonder Woman to Spider-Man and Iron Man. Designed with precision, each figure showcases intricate costumes, dynamic poses, and iconic accessories, making them perfect for display. These collectibles add a touch of superhero magic. It’s an ideal gift for both casual fans and serious collectors, that helps captivate the stories of the DC and Marvel universes.

For a truly immersive gift fancy dress costumes allow fans to transform into their heroes, perfect for parties. From Batman’s cape and cowl to Wonder Woman’s warrior outfit, these costumes are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring an authentic look. It’s the perfect gift that let’s fans express their love for these iconic characters.

The wonder of the Marvel and DC Universe never ends with toys and collectibles for all ages! What will you discover below that will help bring the world of superheroes to life?