Gifts for Runners

The time to grab your gift may be running out, but if you're looking for gifts for runners, here's your finish line. Whether you're looking for running gifts for him or her we've got it all covered.

Gift Ideas for Runners

Finding the ideal gift for runners can be as tiring as a running session. But we're here to be your aid station: with these present ideas you'll satisfy the needs of that friend or loved one who's all about health and fitness. Whether you want to step up their cadence with some new running shoes, make sure they're comfy in their running clothes, or spoil them with running accessories, you're in the right place. So dig in, find what you need, and then enjoy your cool-down.

Cold Weather Running

So you've decided you want to get out for a winter run - very admirable! Whether you're looking to get fit as part of your New Year's resolution, are looking to shift some holiday weight or are simply a fitness fanatic it's never a bad idea to get out on the tarmac - although when it's freezing out it may well feel like it! In order to help make your cold weather running a little easier, why not peruse our handy tips for some of the winter running clothes for running below?

Get The Right Clothes For Winter Running

It might seem obvious but it can be hard to gauge the best clothes to wear for running in winter. How do you dress to keep warm without wearing so many layers you look like the Michelin Man? While layering up will be important, particularly on those days when the temperature is hovering around 0-5 degrees, buying some thermal underwear like leggings and tops is a great way of keeping the heat trapped in while also staying light on your feet. Don't worry about getting too warm as well - you can always tie your jacket and jumper around your waist if you're working up too much of a sweat!

Other Running Clothes

No matter if you're a casual runner or targeting your next marathon, your running clothes will make the difference. Here on Wowcher you're spoiled for choice when it comes to workout clothes that suit all kinds of fitness activities. We've got miles of options, going from women's workout leggings to men's sport shorts, from tracksuits to high-waisted and honeycomb leggings. All of our workout clothes have a breathable design, come in different colours and sizes, and combine style and comfort.

Protect Your Face With A Snood

Rather than just being a thing Premier League footballers wear on the sidelines, snoods have become a popular way of keeping your face protected from the elements when you're out on your winter run. Ranging from balaclavas that cover the lower portion of your face to full snoods that keep your neck warm as well, these fleecy little numbers are ideal for keeping that harsh breeze off your cheeks so you don't risk shedding a layer of skin from the cold every time you head out.

Text On The Move With Touchscreen Gloves

For years the issue of using your phone in cold weather has plagued runners. Do you really want to skip to that banger of a song if you risk losing a finger to frostbite? Is that text to say you'll be home a little later going to mean you lose use of your right hand for the rest of the evening? Not any more, with our special thermal touchscreen gloves you can keep your hands snug and protected while still using your touchscreen phone or smart watch with the precision and ease of the texting pro you know you are.

Other Running Accessories

If you have ever been running, you have probably stopped at the door, with your phone in one hand, and asked yourself: how will I carry my phone while running? Well, don't run away just yet, because we've got the solution. Whether it's for yourself or for that runner friend, you can now stop your phone from falling out of the pocket, or avoid holding it with your sweaty hand. Our rotatable and detachable running armband is what you need. Or perhaps you want to bring more? Then make sure to take a look at our superlight waterproof running waist bags, or adjustable running belts!

Running Trainers

Get on your running shoes! Or get that special someone their new pair. Choose from our range of lightweight, breathable running trainers for men and women. You'll find different UK sizes, and we also made sure to give you plenty of colours to choose from to suit all tastes. Whether you're out there running, you're a gym addict, or a home fitness fan, we've got everything in one place for you. Get your pair now if you want to start off on the right foot!

Smart Watches for Running

A smart watch is easily one of the best gifts you can come up with for a runner friend. If your loved one is an avid runner, they're probably also obsessed with their fitness data. The smart watches we have on offer, including the popular Apple Watch, serve as reliable fitness trackers. They'll measure heart rate, blood pressure, distance, calories, and more. And for those running no matter the weather, we made sure to have waterproof options! Our smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS, and are therefore perfect not only for workouts but for everyday life too.