Garden Ideas for 2022

As the warmer weather starts coming back, we are here to help you make your garden look amazing and ready for all those late night garden parties! See our advice and ideas below for making your garden look great.

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Plant Flowers

A simple idea to easily and cheaply transform your garden. There's a huge range of flowers you can choose from, and you can choose to plant them into pots or flower beds as well as growing seeds and bulbs! By growing flowers, you will also be giving your garden a brighter contrast with the vibrant colours of the flowers. These will also help to attract wildlife to your garden, a positive for all! You can shop our full range of Plants & Flowershere!

Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food is a great way to improve your garden. This is also a fun activity you can do with the kids and the whole family by getting everyone out in the garden and helping out! Whether it's fruit and veg to help you pack in your 5 a day, or some herbs to throw in your cooking, we're sure it'll taste great! You won't need a whole allotment to achieve tasty results either, as you can plant them in old pots, and care for them just as well! These are also ideal to grow on the balcony if you haven't got a garden, so there's no excuses to not get involved and get green fingered! You can start growing your own food with our Vegetable Seed Kit!

Growing Your Lawn

We're here to tell you how your grass really can be greener on the other side! You'll need to do more than mowing your lawn to keep it nice and healthy. Regularly mow, water and scatter seeds across your lawn to help it grow and stay nice and green. Mowing the lawn can be done as often as you want, but with watering during the colder Winter months, you probably won't need to water it at all. In the hotter Summer months, watering your lawn once a week should be fine! You can also get lawn sprinklers, which will do the hard work for you! Scattering seeds or food for grass across your lawn is an additional helping hand to encourage it to grow if necessary! Then you'll be all ready to relax back in the sun. Take a look at our Automatic Lawn Sprinkler!


You'll be amazed at how different and tidy your garden will look once you remove all the weeds. There's a couple of different ways that you can go about removing the weeds. You can choose to pull them out yourself by hand, but if you have quite a lot of weeds to remove, this may be quite time-consuming. Or you've got the option of using a weed control spray, which would work a lot quicker and be easier. Additionally, there are lots of weeding tools that will make your life much easier! Take a look at our Electric Weed Burner!

Tidy Up

You don't have to add lots of new items to your garden to improve it, sometimes all it needs is a simple clean! If you've got plant pots laying about in the garden and the patio is grubby, tidy up and give the patio a spray with the garden hose. Scrub the path with soapy water and a broom and it'll come up sparkling! It's time to dust off your leaf blower and get tidying! Your garden will look perfect, and be the best location for those Summer parties! Shop our full range of Garden Toolshere!

Garden Lights

Garden lights are the perfect way to enjoy your garden late into the night, especially if you're having a late night party! We have a whole selection of garden lights to help you brighten up your garden. Whether it's fairy lights on the patio or solar lights around the garden, we've got the perfect garden lights right here for you! You can shop our full range of Garden Lightshere!