Garden Design Ideas for 2024

Get excited about the blooming spectacular world of garden design! Apologies in advance because our cute bistro table sets are cropping up across the site, and we know they're a catch! But it takes more than just a table to truly make your garden somewhere you would wanna hang out. Add in a few sweet ornaments along with some LED lights and your outdoor space is bound to grow on you more each day!

First things first, clean up!

First things first, we must clean up the mess! As summer approaches, all the debris and dirt from the seasons that have passed, settled into your garden and it is finally time to get rid of them. So, it's time to grab those tools and get to work and make your garden summer-time BBQ ready! Understandably, it is a hassle to get around to cleaning up the garden, and that's why we've got the tools that would make your life a little bit easier. Get your hands on our gardening tool belt, so you can easily reach for your tools, pair that with the padded kneeling bench and you're sorted to get through the tedious task without all the strain to your back. We've also got a bunch of other handy garden gadgets like a leaf blower or this cordless grass trimmer that is telescopic and rechargeable! It's hard to beet our deals! Once everything is back in order; rubbish cleared, hedges trimmed and grass watered, it's finally on to the fun part! What kind of theme do you want? There are a wide variety of designs you could incorporate in your garden. You could do a woodsy wonderland, a zen garden, or perhaps a safe place for the wildlife that is eco-friendly. It's all down to you.

Fairy Garden

Want something a little more expressive? Why not transform your garden into a mystical land that you can escape into? The main characteristic for this theme includes ornaments and lots of them! The theme can take over your entire garden, you get items like this gnome in a tree, or these metal fairy statues that would fit perfectly into your garden. You can even make a mini fairy garden in a large ceramic pot or a designated area of your garden to really make your garden's theme stand out! Fill it up with soil and add a few flowers of choice and get to decorating! You can get many kits online, but ornaments such as these mini luminous mushroom figurines or these mini garden fairies can really elevate your space, adding a pop of colour and giving it that whimsical feel. Don't forget to add some rocks to create paths for your characters, add a few trinkets like bridges, benches or swings and your fairy garden will be the most fantastic world that you can create!

Woodland Garden

On a similar wavelength, why not try a woodland themed garden? Especially if you're an animal and/or nature lover, then this theme would be ideal for you! This idea is very plant focused as well, so don't feel shy to add in all the flowers and shrubs that you want, nothing is too much here. You can decorate some beautiful archways with vines, climbing rose plants! Or get a 300 bulbs collection that contain a variety of flowers to make your garden glow! You can’t have a woodland garden without the little furry friends scattered around, like this solar powered ornament, you can choose between a squirrel family or a family of geese, or maybe something like a bird bath that doubles as an ornament! This feature not only adds to the allure of the woods, but also invites real birds – bringing your garden to life! You can't admire all the hard work without a place to sit and relax. This wooden swing chair will complete the theme as you sit back, close your eyes and escape into your own personal woodland.

Zen Garden

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want your garden to exude a sense of peace and serenity in a muted, minimalistic way, a zen garden cannot fail you. By incorporating gravel, rocks, sand and plants, you can use them to represent mountains and other natural features. One of the main features that zen gardens are known for is a water feature, it does not have to be a massive fountain but something like this ceramic solar fountain or this Buddha design water feature with an adjustable flow rate would be perfect for your zen garden! Top that off with a bonsai tree and maybe some red bamboo to add some colour and dimensions to your garden; add some paths with either plants or some rocks and don't forget that simplicity is the way to go. Zen gardens are known to be very subtle in decor and colours. I’d recommend playing around with greys and blacks as a base colour and use the greens from the plants to elevate your space and a pop of colour splashed around like purples, browns or red! This limited colour palette can create a visually appealing garden that is perfect to calm your senses.

Minimalist Garden

On a similar vein, you may not want a theme at all and that's completely fine! If you're a person that is simple and prefer a muted or neutral palette, a minimalist garden may be the perfect choice for you. It also does not take too much to upkeep either, so for the classy, busy bees out there- this is for you! The key element of this style is 'less is more' but that does not mean to abandon everything and not have fun with it, because you certainly can. You can add borders around your plants like this classic Roman stone - lay them out in clean lines to embrace order and why not add some decorative bark to fill that space. You can then fill the corners with a palm tree. Make use of hard landscaping to create defined spaces while adding contrast of colour against the greens and browns, this is a great tip for a minimalist garden as it adds to the colour dimensions. To ensure you have plenty of space in garden, make sure your grass is always trimmed, watered and looking its best. Add some lighting around the fence with a simple and clean design to show off your space even as the sun sets!