Handy Gadgets For The Office

You spend most of your day in the office, so why not jazz up your space with the best gizmos and gadgets available?

Wireless Desk Lamp & Charger

Working late? You'll need to keep your phone juiced up and your working area lit. You can do both with these nifty 2-in-1 - or even 3-in-1 - charger lamps! Some even feature in-built speakers for when you're in need of a few upbeat tunes to get you through the late shift. Now you can stay at the office all night long with no worries - although, we're not sure why you would want to...

USB Desk Fan

To help you stay cool at your desk and avoid sweating through your suit, we suggest taking matters into your own hands with a practical yet stylish desk fan. It's your desk, so you can personalise it however you like - is this cute cat fan or this basic mini clip-on fan more your style? Not only do you stay nice and cool throughout the working day, but due to their size most desk fans are portable, meaning that when 5pm is calling, you can pick up your fan and take it home with you!

Desk Foot Hammock

It's been a long day at the office, you deserve a break! We don't recommend attempting to sneakily snooze at your desk, but there is another way to relax whilst you work...With a foot hammock that can be attached to the underside of your desk, you don't have to wait until you get home to put your feet up! Simply hook the hammock to your desk using the included clips, and give yourself and your tired feet a rest. If you fancy taking it home with you after your day, you can! Fold it back up and feel the benefits of it from wherever you are.

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

We get it - your whole day is spent at your desk. Which means during this day at least two meals worth of crumbs have inevitably fallen on your workspace. But no more! What you need is a mini vacuum cleaner. At the end of the working day, nothing is more satisfying than sucking up all the dirt and dust that has slowly accumulated, and nothing is cuter than this adorable portable mini desk vacuum cleaner that looks like a kitty! Whilst it's not in use, it can simply act as a friendly desk pet, reminding you to stay on track!