Front Garden Ideas

The front garden needs some love too – It can't be all business in the front and party in the back!

Not everyone wants to be the friendly neighbour with the welcoming exterior – we don't blame you.

Having a few flowers outside your front door won't always mean people come knocking for milk and sugar, but it will get you more cold callers! – kidding, nobody wants that…

Either way, making your house a home includes the front garden too, just saying.

Adding a couple of flower beds can take your home from haunted house to being a member of neighbourhood watch!

If that's the dream, you don't have to learn how to become a florist. There are low maintenance flower patches, and artificial ones too if you truly suck.

We're confident that if you can keep that indoor bouquet thriving, you can transfer those skills and make your front garden look like an organic haven!

We've got suggestions for you, petal.

Fumbling around for your house keys in the dark is a special skill.

But adding a light to your front garden won't take away your expert skillset. At least you'll find your keys in no time whilst enjoying the view of your new flowers!

It might be nice for your guests to know what they're walking into as they arrive too. Dark lights and no plants? Because that doesn't look suspicious at all….

Just in case you're a mediocre gardener, you might only need one light so you don't get tangled in the shrubs and weeds.

We hate to be the ones to say this, but a Ring doorbell doesn't qualify as a quirky ornament…

Yes, it'll help you to see which people enjoy trampling all over your front lawn, but it unfortunately doesn't give said front lawn a makeover!

Tradition isn't old for a reason – bring back the garden gnomes! They'll never do you wrong because they're just too cute. Who doesn't want a cluster of gnomes eyeballing your late-night callers?

Look at our suggestions before you decide…

Let's get to the root of why your front garden isn't popping….

Have you considered a tree? There are fruit trees, willow trees, fern trees and you can even branch out further.

Something about a tree upon arrival says that you're the real deal. Even if that's not you, we can't bear to see you leaf your porch naked any longer!

Anyway, we've got every option under the sun in the palm of our hands – our treet.

The links down below might send you barking mad!

For our nosy neighbours, an outdoor rain shelter above your door might be the final touch.

What better way to end your day than standing outside with a cuppa and being consumed with the lives over the road?

You're probably the most valuable neighbour because if there's a robbery going on, you'll see it from a mile away – if there's no rain in your eyes…

Unlock the true potential of your solo neighbourhood watch status and upgrade your spot!

Even if it's raining cats and dogs, your front garden will be untouchable!