Flamingo Trees

Flamingo trees will make a beautiful addition to any garden, and you can choose from our great range below! Keep scrolling for more information on flamingo trees.

Salix Flamingo Trees

Our salix flamingo trees are a dwarf type of willow that blooms beautifully in spring, typically in April and May! You can expect green leaves and white leaves with pink flamingo ends. This would look stunning potted in your garden or on your patio. Once we reach the autumn season, the tree will turn a beautiful orange and bronze colour as the leaves begin to fall.

Flamingo Willow Tree

Grab our beautiful flamingo willow tree for a gorgeous spring tree that'll look perfect in any garden! The tree features some amazing green, white and pink leaves, the ideal colours for spring. These trees look stunning in pots on patios or you can just plant it straight in the ground to bring the atmosphere right to the centre of your garden.

How Big Do Flamingo Trees Grow?

To make sure your flamingo trees grow nice and big, make sure that you prune them correctly, we'll have more advice on this below! After about four years of pruning and maintaining your tree, you can expect it to grow to around 8 feet tall! Once we reach late April and early May you'll start seeing a lot more of those beautiful pink flamingo colours!

How Fast Do Flamingo Trees Grow?

As we said above, flamingo trees will take about 4 years to grow to their maximum height. They will only reach this height if you prune them properly and regularly. The flamingo trees are quite easy to grow and also easy to control. You'll need to plant them in moist soil, but make sure it is well drained, whether you're growing it in a pot or straight in the ground.

How Do You Take Care Of A Flamingo Tree?

We want you to be successful with your flamingo tree, so we're giving you our best tips on how to look after a flamingo tree! It's best to grow your flamingo tree in well-drained moist soil, and plant it in full sun as these plants thrive in the sunshine. It's up to you if you want to plant your tree in a pot or plant it straight in the ground, as the flamingo tree will grow well in both locations. Prune your tree hard in winter and lightly in summer if necessary.

Do Flamingo Trees Lose Their Leaves?

Yes, is the short answer. Your flamingo tree will lose its leaves in the autumn and leave your tree a gorgeous bronze and orange sort of colour. Once you prune it towards the end of winter, not long after you'll start seeing the lovely new leaves coming through ready for spring and summer!

When Should I Prune My Flamingo Tree?

You should prune your flamingo tree hard in the winter and remove all dead and damaged leaves and branches and any branches that are growing the wrong way, ready for the upcoming season when your beautiful tree will come alive again! You can also do a light pruning in the summer if you need to. Pruning encourages new foliage growth and lots of the pretty pink colours we know you'll be looking forward to seeing!