10 Best Father's Day Experiences in the Midlands

Ah, Father’s Day – the day where we uplift our dad without asking him for a favour immediately after (wait until after dinner and gifts at least).

It’s that magical time of the year when dads everywhere are celebrated for their unparalleled ability to grill meat, tell the same five jokes on repeat, and lose their reading glasses even though they're perched on their heads. It's a day to acknowledge the brilliance of fatherhood - whether it's their uncanny knack for falling asleep mid-movie or their sage advice about everything, often prefaced with “Back in my day…”. We can’t forget their unmatched talent in the fine art of embarrassing their offspring either!

If you’re looking to do something besides the "World's Best Dad" empty mug, we’ve got plenty of experiences and activities in the Midlands for you to check out!

This Father's Day, forget the usual socks and ties and surprise your dad with the thrill of a lifetime: the Muscle or Sports Car Driving Experience! Imagine your dad trading in his reliable wheels or that ancient sedan for a day spent behind the wheel of a roaring American muscle car or a sleek European sports car. It's time for him to unleash his inner speed demon on a professional track, far removed from his usual commute of fetching you from all over town!

Picture the sheer joy on his face as he channels his inner Fast & Furious - Dominic Toretto. He’ll be given the choice between the raw power of muscle cars and the precision of sports cars, each promising an adrenaline rush like no other. The experience kicks off with a safety briefing - ideal for dads who might think they're already driving pros. Then, it's go time! He'll be tearing up the track, living out those childhood fantasies and asking why he traded a Formula 1 career for car seats and safety locks

The best part? You get to enjoy the spectacle and cheer him on. Watching him try to explain torque and horsepower over dinner later will be worth the price of admission alone! His newfound “expertise” in high-performance vehicles will undoubtedly become a favourite topic at family gatherings and you might bag yourself the secret title of favourite child!

So, this Father's Day, give your dad the ultimate gift: a break from the mundane, a shot of adrenaline, and a memory he'll cherish forever. The Sports Car Driving Experience is the perfect way to celebrate all the fantastic things that make your dad one-of-a-kind. And who knows? Maybe he’ll even let you take a spin.

Step up your gift game with something unforgettable: a 2-Hour Flying Experience! Forget the typical ties and socks - give your dad the chance to soar through the skies and live out his Top Gun fantasies. Imagine your dad trading in his ground-bound car for the cockpit of a plane, taking to the air with the wind beneath his wings and a grin on his face!

From the moment he arrives, your dad will be briefed by experienced flight instructors who will ensure he's ready for the thrill ahead. He'll learn the basics of flight in a ground session, giving him a new set of skills and plenty of material for bragging rights - as if he didn’t spend the whole journey googling all the lingo. Then, it's time for the real excitement: he’ll take to the skies in a small aircraft, with a professional instructor guiding him through the experience. It’ll be your turn to encourage him to spread his wings and fly! As he navigates through the air, he’ll feel the exciting rush of adrenaline and freedom!

The best part? You'll have a front-row seat to his high-flying adventure, capturing every moment of his epic journey – don’t forget to get the most embarrassing shots! Later, you can enjoy his tales of aerial derring-do while you’re sticking to the ground, complete with exaggerated hand gestures illustrating his new pilot prowess.

What could be better than the thrill of flight, the joy of learning something new, and a story he’ll cherish forever! The 2-Hour Flying Experience is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day – with your dad soaring through the air and thinking about why you haven’t flown the nest yet! (Kidding)

There is no better gift than a belly full of food and maybe it’s time to return the favour – your dad has been feeding you since the dawn of time! A two-course meal for two at Toby Carvery is enough to set the scales right, surely. Give him the gift of succulent roasts, mouth-watering sides, and indulgent desserts. Imagine his delight as he steps into a restaurant known for its hearty, home-cooked fare and warm, welcoming atmosphere! Anything’s better than what you would have attempted - it’s evident your father’s cooking skills didn’t rub off on you!

From the moment you arrive, your dad will be greeted with the comforting aroma of slow-roasted meats and freshly prepared vegetables. He’ll get to choose from a selection of expertly cooked meats - think tender roast beef, succulent turkey, and flavourful gammon - paired with all the traditional trimmings! Pile his plate high with crispy roast potatoes, buttery mash, and a medley of seasonal vegetables. And, of course, no carvery is complete without a generous helping of rich, savoury gravy.

But the feast doesn’t end there. Save room for dessert, where he can indulge in a decadent sweet treat. Whether he opts for a classic like apple pie with custard or something more adventurous, he’s in for a treat that will satisfy his sweet tooth!

You get to enjoy the yummy flavours of a hearty meal together, and you won’t have to steal anything from his plate this time! – he deserves a break. Your dad will appreciate the thoughtfulness of good company and great food and finally it’ll be something he didn’t pay for!

Celebrate his special day with a feast fit for a king, ensuring he feels cherished and well-fed. Toby Carvery is the only place to get that perfectly delicious treatment!

Who knows, an alpaca walking adventure could be the thing your dad has been secretly wishing for!

Wake him up to the trip itinerary and it won’t be long before he’s saying alpaca my bags! Give him the joy of spending quality time with these charming, gentle creatures – then make sure to tell him that he and the alpacas look like twins. You’ll be strolling through picturesque countryside, an alpaca on the side, enjoying the fresh air and the quirky company!

From the moment he arrives, your dad will be wool-comed by friendly guides who will introduce him to his new alpaca friend! He’ll learn fun facts about alpacas, like how they hum when they’re happy and their knack for making anyone smile. Equipped with a lead, he’ll set off on a scenic walk, alpaca in tow, meandering through beautiful landscapes and taking in the serene surroundings.

It’s the perfect unique experience with a loved one, and a recipe for a special day filled with laughter and memorable moments. As he bonds with his alpaca companion, he’ll have plenty of opportunities for selfies and photos to commemorate the day – they might make the next WhatsApp profile pic.

After the walk, your dad can relax and enjoy some refreshments, reminiscing about the quirky antics of his new furry friend. He’ll love telling stories about his alpaca adventure to family and friends, complete with exaggerated tales of their trek.

Venture out into a blend of nature, animals, and quality time, ensuring he feels appreciated and entertained. Plus, it’s a great story to share at the next family gathering!

Elevate the gift-giving game with an experience your dad won’t soon forget: tickets to the Let’s Rock Tour 2024 featuring Billy Ocean and UB40! He’s got enough pictures of your family in his wallet - give him the thrill of live music and a blast from the past with iconic bands from the ‘80s.

Imagine his excitement as he steps into the festival atmosphere, surrounded by fellow fans and the electric energy of live performances. From the moment the music starts, he’ll be transported back in time to the heyday of pop and reggae, singing along to hits like “Caribbean Queen” and “Red Red Wine”! Don’t be surprised when he asks you if you know the old hits, even though he plays them every weekend.

The lineup promises an unforgettable day of nostalgia and fun, with legendary acts taking the stage one after the other. Whether he’s a die-hard fan or simply loves a good time, he’ll appreciate the chance to relive his youth and make new memories with loved ones.

Get ready for a day of dancing and singing along to the iconic tunes, while finally getting the chance to embarrass the old man back! It’s a day filled with laughter, music, and quality time together - exactly what Father’s Day should be all about!

After the festival, you’ll find your dad spamming the WhatsApp chats to friends and family with stories of the incredible performances and unforgettable moments. From the energetic crowd to the electrifying atmosphere, he’ll have plenty of tales to tell for years to come!

Rock and roll this Father’s Day and celebrate with a dose of nostalgia and a whole lot of fun. Plus, it’s a memory he’ll cherish long after the music stops – because he’ll be playing all the hits again on the journey home!

Your dad might want to swap out being your chauffer for an adventure fit for a captain - a day with a Union Canal boat hire seems like the only perfect alternative. Give your dad the chance to be the skipper of his own vessel, navigating the waters with the skill of a seasoned sailor!

He’ll relish the chance to step aboard his floating kingdom for the day – who wouldn’t! With a trusty crew (aka the family) by his side, he’ll set off on a journey filled with scenic views, locks to conquer, and perhaps a friendly duck or two for company!

From the moment he takes the helm, he’ll be the master of his domain, steering the boat with a confidence that would make Captain Jack Sparrow proud. Of course, there may be a few comedic mishaps along the way – but we can assure there shall be no accidents resembling the Titanic!

But fear not, for every misadventure will be met with laughter and good-natured ribbing from the crew. After all, what’s a boating trip without a few tall tales to tell? It’s not just sailors and pirates – it’s a good bonding experience that’ll show who’s really the weakest link should natural disasters ever lead to boat-living…

Whether you’re navigating the locks, enjoying a picnic on deck, or simply soaking in the tranquility of the canal, it’s a day your dad won’t soon forget. Just make sure you know whether dad gets seasick – this’ll make or break the next five favors you want to cash in!

Spend the day with a perfect blend of excitement, relaxation, and quality time - all aboard for a day of fun on the water!

Break away from the mundane and treat your dad to an adventure that’s out of this world - or just off the M6! At Birmingham Thinktank, he’ll get the chance to explore the wonders of science and technology in a way that's as entertaining as it is educational! He can finally put his own theories to the test and see if those long-winded explanations truly hold any weight as he steps into a world of discovery! Picture the joy of being surrounded by interactive exhibits and mind-boggling experiments. From uncovering the mysteries of space to unraveling the secrets of the human body, there’s something for every curious mind. Watch as he tries his hand at being a scientist, conducting experiments and testing hypotheses with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. Sure, there may be a few moments of confusion as he navigates his way through the exhibits - like accidentally activating the giant robot arm while trying to get a picture to show his buddies. Even if someone lets their curiosity get the best of them, it’ll soon be followed with laughter and good-natured jokes. After all, what’s science without a little trial and error? You’ll get to join in the fun, exploring the museum together and sharing in the excitement of discovery. Whether you’re marveling at the wonders of the universe or laughing at dad’s attempts to solve the Rubik’s Cube, it’s a day filled with unforgettable moments!

Gear up for an adventure that'll have your dad roaring with excitement: a quad biking experience for two! What’s better than the thrill of tearing through rugged terrain like a modern-day explorer?

Imagine the look of sheer delight on his face as he hops aboard his trusty quad bike, ready to conquer the great outdoors with the finesse of a seasoned off-roader. With a helmet securely fastened and adrenaline pumping, he’ll rev up the engine and set off on a wild ride through mud, dirt, and maybe even a few unexpected puddles. This is what he wished he could have been doing when he was teaching you to ride a bicycle - painfully.

From the moment he hits the throttle, he’ll be the master of his domain, navigating twists, turns, and bumps like a pro. He might get the gas and brake confused but don’t forget to be his biggest cheerleader, so he doesn’t lose confidence – and/or fall off! Maybe don’t let him attempt a wheelie so soon either.

Whether you're racing across the countryside or tackling a challenging obstacle course, it's a day packed with excitement and adventure that will stick with him! You’ll be able to race off into the sunset while your dad gets to enjoy the rare phenomenon of not having a loud passenger (you) right beside him!

Forget the predictable gifts - give your dad the chance to channel his inner action hero as he battles it out on the paintball battlefield!

As he dons his camouflage gear and goggles, imagine his happy face, ready to face off against friends, family, and maybe even a few friendly foes. With a paintball gun in hand and a strategic mind, he’ll navigate through the game zones, dodging enemy fire and planning his next move with the precision of a military tactician – he learnt all these skills from constantly being called to remove the spiders.

From the moment the first paintball is fired, he’ll be fully immersed in the thrill of the game, ducking behind cover and firing off rounds with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. Be on the lookout – he might still tag his own teammates instead of the enemies if he hasn’t got his glasses on!

There’ll be no better bond over shared victories and epic battles. After all, what’s paintball without a little friendly rivalry? Just try to make sure you’re playing to win if dad is on your side – it’s Father’s Day, you might not hear the end of it otherwise!

Whether you’re storming the enemy base or strategizing in the command center, it’s a day filled with action, adventure, and quality time together. You get to look forward to enough excitement to last the journey home while you recount all the epic shots, dodges and skills that nobody knew you had.

So, this Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of paintballing at Delta Force. It’s the perfect way to celebrate his special day with adrenaline-fueled fun and unforgettable moments!

Father's Day is just around the corner, and let’s face it: Dad doesn't need another mug. This year, step up your game and gift him something he’ll never forget – a trip to the Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham! Imagine the look on his face when he realises he’s about to swap his armchair for a survivalist’s dream.

What’s so great about this? Well, for starters, it's a chance for Dad to prove that he’s not just a master of the remote control but can actually channel his inner Bear Grylls. He'll have the opportunity to tackle epic challenges, from diving with sharks to mastering a high ropes course. It's the perfect way for him to demonstrate that his stories about "that one camping trip back in the day" aren’t just exaggerated tales.

And let’s be honest, there’s a certain joy in watching Dad navigate a zip line with the same caution he applies to assembling IKEA furniture. His valiant attempts to conquer the escape room will finally answer the age-old question: Can Dad truly find his way out of a paper bag?

Besides, nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like a push into the deep end – literally. So, this Father’s Day, give him a break from mowing the lawn and offer an adventure that’s as thrilling as his Saturday afternoon naps are peaceful. Just don’t forget to remind him: if he survives, there’s a nice dinner waiting at home – and possibly a new pair of socks, just for old times' sake.