Fantasy & Themed Gardens

Fancy creating a magical wonderland using your green space? Well, we have everything you need to know about fantasy themed gardens right here!

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What Are Themed Gardens?

Themed gardens are one place where every plant or flower fits a cohesive theme. This also includes accessories, pots, garden furniture, and ornamental items, so essentially every item will serve a purpose in a themed garden.

What Is A Fantasy Garden?

Fantasy gardens are stunning whimsical landscapes filled with myths, magic, drama, dreams, and secrets. When it comes to creating a fantasy garden, you can let your imagination truly run wild! From gorgeous plants to unique decorations, you'll find a whole host of ideas to spark your creativity on Wowcher.

How Do I Make A Fantasy Garden?

A fantasy garden can be a feast for the senses, so fill up your green space with scent-sational blooms, eye-catching decorations, tinkling wind chimes, and glistening solar string lights. Plus, you can truly bring it to life by adding little fairy or gnomes which may encourage wildlife to appear! Whilst vibrant colours are encouraged, it is suggested that pinks and other pastels will truly turn your fantasy garden into a whimsical wonder.

How Can I Make A Simple Fairy Garden?

All you need to create your very own fairy garden is a container, some potting mix, a few plants and accessories, and a healthy dose of imagination! We also have a variety of fairy garden ornaments on our website that will look fabulous in any garden and add a whimsical touch instantly! Perhaps begin with a theme which is inspired by your current garden arrangement, or let your creativity run wild.