Fairy Lights for Christmas

Fairy lights are known as the 'Christmas Lights' and are typically used to decorate indoors and outdoors during the festive period! Light up your home this Christmas with our great range of fairy lights!

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Where can I put up fairy lights?

You can put your fairy lights up just about anywhere! They can cover any room from your dining room to around bedposts, hanging from curtains, draped across tabletops or wound around your staircase banister. Due to their thin metal wire, they can easily be bent or shaped to fit around your decorations! This is great if you only have a small space to decorate in.

Outdoor Fairy Lights

Our outdoor fairy lights are brilliant for easily transforming your garden or the front of your house into a wonderful winter wonderland! They will stand all weathers, so no need to worry if we do have a white Christmas and are solar and battery powered, which means you don't need to plug them into the mains! We have various designs and colours to really make your house glow this Christmas.

Indoor Fairy Lights

Light up your entrance this Christmas with some indoor fairy lights! You can spread the magical festive feeling all round the house. These lights can even be added to decorate your Christmas tree! We've got lots of snowflake and star lights or different colours, whatever your preference we'll have something to brighten your Christmas!

Are fairy lights just for Christmas?

Absolutely not! Fairy lights make a great addition to the home all year round! They're a nice decoration in the bedroom and provide a nice glow to everything around them! They provide just enough light to be used as a late night reading light!