European Christmas Markets 2022: Food You Need To Try

If you're jetting off to a European Christmas market break this year, then we've got some tasty recommendations for festive food you should try. So whether you love German gingerbread or are craving some Belgian chocolate, check out these delicious Christmas market treats!

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European Christmas Market Foods To Try In 2022

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine ... Is there anything better than exploring the delights of a Christmas market in Europe, feasting your eyes on delicious local delicacies with a glass of mulled wine in hand? Well if you've always wanted to get a bit more adventurous and dine like a local, then we've made a list of seasonal treats that are so indulgent they would rival Santa's naughty list! From hearty Hungarian pastries to tasty Polish Perogies, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So go on, treat yourself ... It is Christmas after all!

Gorge on German Sausage and Gingerbread

Germany's Christmas markets are the most famous of all, with copycat markets popping up all over the world, and the delicious German fare on offer is a big reason why they're so popular! The classic German sausage, known as Wurst, is a must try and there are many delicious varieties to enjoy such as Bratwurst and Currywurst - chopped bratwurst covered in spicy curry sauce. All perfect washed down with a big glass of Bavarian wheat beer or gluhwein! Another popular snack is Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes, that are served with applesauce - delicious! And don't forget to try Lebkuchenherzen, cute gingerbread heart cookies decorated with festive icing, along with Stollen, a traditional Christmas fruit bread baked with nuts and spices and covered in powdered sugar. Wunderbar!

Budapest's Festive Food Will Make You Hungary

Hungary's capital has lots of local specialties to try at their Christmas markets. You can't leave Budapest without trying Goulash - a hearty paprika and beef stew that's the national dish of the region! Or for a different sort of Christmas stuffing, Hungarians love their stuffed cabbage rolls filled with pork and other tasty fillings. While Langos, a deep fried flatbread topped with cheese, sour cream, ham and many other delights, is great for a cheesy hit. For something sweet, try Retes - Hungary's version of a strudel that's filled with apples, cherries or even cottage cheese! Finally, a glass of Grog, a delicious rum drink mixed with milk and spices, is the perfect way to warm the cockles after a day of shopping!

Czech Out These Tasty Prague Festive Delights!

Prague's Christmas markets are some of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic, and are the perfect place to try a local speciality - sizzling Kloblasa, a succulent spiced sausage that's barbecued to perfection! Or meat lovers will enjoy Prazska Sunka, a large ham hock roasted on a spit. Palacinkys, a french-style crepe pancake, are a sweet treat to be enjoyed with fruity fillings like strawberry and apricot, or as a savoury snack with spinach and garlic or ham and cheese. Or if you want to try a Czech Christmas staple, then Vanocka is a yummy brioche-style fruit bread made with raisins.

Krakow Christmas Market Food Yule Love!

Krakow is considered one of the best Christmas markets in the world, and it's easy to see why with it's beautiful architecture and delicious Polish cuisine! Make sure you try Oscypek, a sheep's cheese from Poland's mountainous region, that is often grilled and served with cranberry sauce. Polish Pierogis, or fried dumplings filled with a savoury or sweet filling, are an absolute classic dish from this region and totally delicious, as is Padja, an open grilled sandwich made with crusty bread and topped with Polish sausage and gherkins. Poland is also famed for its Vodka, which has been brewed and drunk there since the middle ages, and there are many different flavours to try along with homemade varieties for a real festive kick!

Vienna Christmas Food To Try

During December, Vienna's prettiest town squares are transformed into stunning Christmas markets, with the most famous being the traditional Magic of Advent market near the city hall. The Austrian capital shares lots of cultural similarities with its neighbour Germany, and you'll find plenty of delicious Bratwurst and Gluhwein to try. For some classic Viennese fare, the classic Schnitzel, a breaded veal fillet, is one of Austria's national dishes, along with Apfelstrudel, a traditional pastry made with apples. While the Sacher Torte, a rich chocolate cake filled with apricot jam, is one of Vienna's most famous treats.

Have A Beery Christmas In Bruges!

Bruges is the perfect place to enjoy the magic of Christmas, with it's stunning medieval architecture, beautiful canals and festive markets. Being the Flemish capital of Belgium, the city is also a haven for the country's most famous exports: chocolate, delicious strong beer and of course, those fabulous fluffy Belgian waffles! For a real yuletide treat, make sure you grab a slice of a Belgian Chocolate Log, known as a Buche de Noel.

Seasonal Amsterdam Market Food

The Dutch capital holds a winter light festival alongside it's Christmas markets, to light up the streets and beautiful canals during the dark winter months. For an Amsterdam speciality, try Oliebollen, a hot deep fried dough ball that's filled with a sweet surprise such as raisins of Nutella! Speculaas cookies, a biscuit spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves and molded into cute designs, are also a festive favourite at the markets!