Entertaining Outdoors

Ah, the sun, it just makes me want to spend as much of my day catching that light. And you best believe I’m going to make any excuse and plan any event to make sure all my friends and family can have a good time with me (even if it’s by force) while hanging out outdoors. As someone who lives in the UK, you know we’re going to be fighting for that sunny patch of grass, or that bench in the park, or that outdoor seat in the pub – we're just like that. The sun does that to us, but how can we make the most of it without all the extra humans? Well, let me tell you...

As soon as it hits May, I know you’re all already out in your garden, bringing out last year’s grills and setting up for BBQ season! There’s nothing quite like firing up a grill, slapping on some steaks and embracing your inner BBQ master as you sip on an ice-cold beer. That’s the life. The best way to entice people to hang out with you is by telling them you’re going to host a BBQ. Who doesn’t love free food, a few drinks and good music? I think it’s a winner when it comes to summertime entertainment. It takes a fair amount of planning but that’s minor work when the goal is sunshine. Get the food shop done and the rest is making sure your guests are having a good time. Obviously, a good BBQ firepit is important in this equation, and luckily for you we have so many online that you’re bound to find one that’s going to be your summer-soulmate. From compact sizes to larger grills with storage to grills with wheels- we've got it all. And what’s a BBQ without some beverages, am I right? We’ve got you covered there too; don’t you worry at all. The summer is so you can enjoy yourself, we do all the heavy legwork here. Cheers!

The epitome of outdoor chic. Tell me, doesn’t it transform a basic garden into a haven of relaxation and style? I feel like I’m on a holiday! No matter how big or small your garden is, whether you prefer a large company or a small group, you’re defo going to find the perfect fit for you. We have so many online that are going to get you excited to sit your butt in it, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can get a regular get, the comfy sofa, armchairs, dining table and you’ll be sorted, or we have the special ones that have built-in firepits. Gone are the cold summer nights that are actually cold as you struggle! These sets have my heart (and hold hands); you can’t go wrong with rattan. Now, onto to everyone’s favourite outdoor furniture: the legendary egg chair! There’s nothing quite like feeling like an egg in nest of plush cushions as you sway in the gentle breeze. Did someone say nap time? It’s furniture like this that makes you feel comfortable in your surroundings, as you sit around and chat, while you’re enjoying the sun or playing some games, have a drink – that's entertainment with minimal effort. Speaking of drinks, you can match the aesthetic with a portable bar, keep all your drinks at arm's reach for those extra lazy days under the sun. And with our deals you can experience that holiday-like feeling right in your back garden!

Okay, okay, hear me out. Why go to the cinema as a motive when the sun is shining outside? To be stuck in the dark? That’s no fun. So then outdoor cinema as an option but damn, those can be quite pricey, not to mention there are so many people there too! Who wants to sit next to strangers when it’s so hot out. I understand those days where you’re feeling a bit more social than usual but, it’s not every day ‘talk to strangers.’ Sometimes you just want to be comfortable in your own home, with just a few people and watch a film; that’s a tough plan though. Or so you’d think! As I’ve mentioned, we make things easier for you. We’ve got everything you’ll need, and it’s going to last you a lifetime – so you can rely on all those movie nights to be the best ones yet! From portable screens to projectors to garden chairs and loungers, your movie days in the sunshine will convince everyone to join you and your outdoor adventures. At that point, people should start paying for tickets to watch a movie with you! We have your back when it comes to making your entertainment the best in your ends. All you really need to do is grab the snacks, that’s it. And there’s something special about enjoying your favourite flick with your family, best buddies or partner, as you’re hanging around under the blue sky, watching the sun set in the distance – that's summer entertainment sorted!

This one is obvious, what’s a summer without a pool party? The sun is shining, the water is inviting and there’s no care in the world about anything else except the moment! Starting with the basics, tanning and swimming – well, that’s easy, get some sunbeds to lounge on and set the pool up. That’s when the water fights and the activities begin! Arm yourselves with water guns, pool noodles and water ballons and wage a friendly war against your friends! No party is complete without snacks and drinks, and we’ve got exactly what you need; from poolside bars to floating trays that allow the drinks to come to you. Who knew a piña colada could taste even better with a hint of chlorine? Let’s dive a little deeper into what a good pool party is! What’s any party without music? And while we all know our party tunes, the speakers are the most important bit! You can change up the entire vibe, if you want a laidback sesh, nostalgic throwbacks or a tune that keeps the energy high – the right speakers will be there to provide the vibes. No matter what you need for the ultimate party, we’ve got it all online! With items sold at a discounted price without compromising on quality, you can trust us to have the best products for the best summer of your life!

As your summery daytime activites come to an end and the sun dips below the horizon, there’s something in the air that says ’the night’s not over yet’, or is that just me? I love making the most of my summer days and nights b staying out late and enjoying that cool breeze, because we all know it’s impossible to do that in the winter! First things first, a firepit is the heart of any nighttime gathering and I’ve already mentioned the hype behind it- you literally cannot go wrong with it! We’ve got multifunctional designs onsite that can be used as a BBQ, firepit and an ice bucket – meaning it’s gonna save you a lot of money. From the brightest, warmest time in the day right down to the night, you’re either taking food, grabbing drinks and gathering around for warmth with this firepit! But, if that’s not your style, and if you’re not even home to have a firepit that is easily accessible, you can make do with just about anything. We’ve all been there; covering our legs with jackets and cardigans. So be prepared this time and get a blanket (or treat yourself to a heated one) to drape over your shoulders or to lay on as you stargaze. Or better yet, a hammock or a rocking chair. Who doesn’t love a hammock! It’s like being swayed to sleep in nature’s arms! A dream that can only come true in the summers, so if you need a reason (as if) to get a hammock, this is your sign! Hang out with your buddies while you chat the hours away or while playing games through the night, have mini karaoke sessions. Let’s cheer to those summer nights – where the air is crisp, the warm is warm and the company is even better!

We can’t forget about the kids, it’s literally their summer break! So, here’s a bit dedicated to the parents who need to figure out how to keep the kids busy while they’re home for two months during the summer. We got you. It’s important for the little ones to explore and adventure outdoors, even if it’s just in the comfort of your back garden. It’s important they stay active and don’t lose themselves in their iPads but go out and play with rocks! If they don’t like rock, then no problem! This is where we jump in, and I tell you there’s magic in an inflatable kingdom that’s called a ‘bouncy castle’ and there’s an inevitable urgency in the words ‘can we do it again?’ after a cruise down the slide - that’s what makes the summer holidays such a blast. Investing in toys and garden leisure for the little ones sets them up for a lifetime of curiosity, with hobbies and allows them to be more social with others. The benefit for you is the ton of memories to look back on! The power for all that is in your hands. You can spend some quality time with time, playing a sport, swinging around, setting up a waterpark in your home, jumping around on a trampoline, building obstacle courses with hula hoops, cones and jump ropes – the options are endless if you’ve got the imagination for it. And if you can think about it, then we’ve got it!