Energy Efficiency

If you're looking for energy saving tips for your home, then look no further as we've got plenty of ideas to help you keep the costs down and keep your home as energy efficient as possible!

Adjust Your Thermostat

It has been found by the World Health Organisation that 18 degrees is a good temperature for healthy adults to be in. For older and younger people, this may need adjusting slightly, but by lowering your thermostat to 18 degrees, you could be saving around £65 a year off your bills! Plus, we've got plenty of hoodies, blankets and hot water bottles to make sure you're keeping nice and warm in the winter!

Water Saving Shower Head

Cutting your use of water will not only save you money on your water bills, but also on your energy bills too! You'll also be helping the environment, and as you use less water, you'll be heating less water. If you're not up to having a shorter shower or showering less often, then this water saving shower head should do just the trick! For the average family home, you're looking at a saving of around £35 a year. Plus in England and Wales, you can get a water meter fitted for free!

Energy Saving Lights & Bulbs

One of the best tips we can give you is turning the lights off when you leave a room, even if it's only for a few minutes or so, it could save you up to £14 a year! Our energy saving solar garden lights will help you to save on energy bills! They charge in the sunlight during the day, so they can shine all night long. This way you won't be fumbling around to change batteries every now and then!


Take a walk around your home and find the window and door draughts, which with correct draught proofing, could save a typical home £30 a year. These draught excluders will help you to keep the heat in one place and will stop you needing to up the temperature on the heating. These foam draught strips are perfect for keeping your home insulated and your bills down!

Leaving Devices On Standby

It's a much better idea to switch off your devices than leave them on standby! You're wasting energy otherwise as you're not actually using it. By switching these devices off standby, you could save yourself up to £40 a year, so it's well worth doing.

Avoid The Tumble Dryer

Not using your tumble dryer will save you a big amount of energy. If you didn't use it for a full year, it's estimated that it could save you £60! In the summer, make use of the glorious weather and hang your clothes up outside, and in the winter, you can use an airer indoors, just make sure to open a window or you could cause damp.