Electric Heaters

Winter is on the way so tackle the cold with an electric heater! From small electric heaters perfect for indoor use, to patio electric heaters to keep warm you outdoors, we've got just what you need.

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Electric Heaters

The low temperatures have arrived, but you can't always rely on central heating, unless you want your bank balance to drop down as well! Electric heaters are cost and energy-efficient. Plus, if you choose wisely, they can prove to be quite versatile! It could be the office, a shed, or any other place you find yourself unpleasantly cold in - just think of the difference a small portable heater would make there! If you've always loved sitting and drinking under the warmth of the pub's heaters outside, why not recreate that in your garden with an outdoor electric heater?

Small Portable Electric Heaters

Just like efficiency, size can be one of the electric heater's best features. Choosing a small electric heater means you'll be able to take it from room to room and move it around the house very easily. If it's small enough, you can take it anywhere you need it! Of course, here at Wowcher we've got both options for you, whether you prefer a slightly bigger one, perfect for home use, or a small one, still great to warm your room up but perfect to be transported around.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

Nothing beats a nice drink out in the garden, but the winter cold can be an obstacle. Well, not if you grab one of our outdoor electric heaters! Keep the parties and BBQs going while staying warm even in the colder evenings! Our choices include freestanding and wall mountable heaters, with heavy duty base designs to guarantee extra stability. Since safety is key, they all come with over-heat and tip-over switch off protection systems. Want to impress your guests? Turn up the heat and the music - we've got an outdoor heater with a bluetooth speaker and a LED light to set the mood!