Easter Bank Holiday Bonanza

We're getting ready for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend here at Wowcher, and we've got some hot deals for you to match the weather! Scroll down to see all our deals featured in our Easter Bank Holiday bonanza!


What Date Is Easter 2022?

Easter Sunday in 2022 will fall on April 17th. This means that Good Friday will be on April 15th and Easter Monday will fall on April 18th. 2022 is set to be the year in which we can finally enjoy the four-day Easter weekend, after 2020 and 2021 have seen lockdown and restrictions limiting large celebrations. If you feel like it may be too soon to start planning your Easter activities or getaways, just don't, because no one will judge you. Grabbing one of our incredible deals will actually give you a reason to brag!

What Can I Do With The Kids This Easter?

Easter is a lovely time to enjoy with the family, appreciating what you have and celebrating one of the oldest holidays in the world. It's also a great chance to bring up some fun activities to do with the kids! We've got some inspiration for you below, going beyond the classic 'egg hunt' and 'egg and spoon race' - though they're always good fun!

Plant Flowers

Easter falls on the onset of Spring, with the two both symbolising rebirth and renewal. What better time to plant some beautiful flowers? Although Autumn is technically the season to plant bulbs, you can plant them indoors anytime of the year, or populate your garden with other plants. Your kids will love it!

Bake Goodies

What better excuse than Easter to get baking? Get your kids to join you in the kitchen and there will be plenty of fun. Whether you go for Easter-themed goodies or not, they will learn new cooking skills, and appreciate the tasting part no doubt!

Get Crafty

Boost your kids creativity with some Easter crafts! Painting boiled eggs is a classic, but let yours and your kids imagination run and you'll see that any cardboard box or egg carton can become a robot or a castle. Why not also create some nice decor for your Easter table?

Easter Gonks

If you've gone gonkers and are a bit of a gonk-aholic then you'll know that gonks are not just for Christmas! Gonks are for all year long, and we have some adorable Easter bunny gonks which would make the perfect Easter decorations in your homes this year!

Get Away For Easter Weekend

If you're thinking of a short holiday this Easter Weekend 2022, we don't blame you - actually we're here to help! You can make the most of your time off without going too far from home with our great deals on UK city breaks. Whether it's Brighton seafront, the stunning views of the Lake District, or the beauty of a big city like Edinburgh or London, we've got everything you need, and more. Our offers include top hotel stays, spa access, and unmissable discounts on restaurants and activities!

Rejuvenate With A Refreshing Spa Treatment

Bank holidays mean time off and time off means relax! What better way to relax this Easter than with some pampering time to restore your energies? Unwind in heavenly facilities, including huge pools and beautiful saunas and steam rooms. Then it's time to indulge in sublime treatments, from facials and Swedish massages to scalp and hand and foot massages. Or perhaps you'd like to take on the refreshing journey of a traditional Turkish hammam or a Moroccan bath experience? Whatever you choose, we've got you covered, and in any UK location!