Duvet Togs

We're ready to get you wrapped up nice and warm this winter! If duvet togs confuse you and you're not sure what one you need, let us be your guide! Scroll below for advice and tips on what tog duvet you need.

15 Tog Winter Duvet | 16.5 Tog Winter Duvet | 4.5 Tog Summer Duvet | Lightweight 2.5 Tog Summer Duvet

What does tog mean?

A tog rating refers to the warmth of thermal resistance widely used in the UK to explain the warmth level of duvets, so the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet will be! These are just a rough guide of how much warmth the duvet will provide you with!

What togs are there?

Duvets are available in the following togs:

  • 1 Tog
  • 3 Tog
  • 4.5 Tog
  • 10.5 Tog
  • 12.5 Tog
  • 13.5 Tog
  • 15 Tog

What duvet tog do I need?

We've got the answers right here for you. The duvet tog that you need will vary depending on the time of year. In the summer months you'll only need up to a 4.5 tog, in the Autumn 7-10.5 tog is the best and you may need this in Spring too! Unsurprisingly, you'll need your warmest duvet in the Winter and we'd recommend between 12 and 15 tog would be most suitable for cold chilly nights!

Our Duvets

We've got plenty of duvet deals for you onsite ranging from lightweight summer duvets with 2.5 tog and heavier thicker winter duvets with 15 tog! Our duvets come in single, double, king and super king sizes, and some even come with pillows! They are also all machine washable so you'll be back to being warm and cosy again in no time.