How to Visit Disneyland Paris on a Budget

A trip to Disneyland Paris is the perfect chance to connect with kids and introduce them to their idols! Do you have a dream of visiting the land of imagination and laughter but worried about breaking the bank? Well, don’t let it go, you can have the trip of a lifetime discovering a whole new world (without overspending!)

As we cover ticket and travel costs, how to save Minnie whilst at the park, eating on a budget and snagging the coolest souvenirs on your trip to Disneyland Paris, you’ll have nothing to do other than sit back and Cinderella-brate!

First things first, the way to grab the best value for money park tickets is through the Wowcher deals! Buying park tickets separately through the Disney website can make you feel un poco loco. Instead select any of our Disneyland Paris break deals that have flights, accommodation and park tickets included get the fairest package of all!

Get a 1 day 1 park ticket from Wowcher from £249pp with flights and hotel included compared to Disney’s price ranging from £133 to £192 just for park tickets. Even when opting for more magic and visiting 2 parks in 1 day, trip packages from Wowcher are from £83pp while Disney park tickets often range from £91-£107! With these deals, you wouldn’t ever have had a friend like Wowcher.

Exploring in the park feels like riding a magic carpet, but it’s getting there that can be tricky! Travelling by plane can be quick with just up to an hour and a half flight. Flights can range between £50-£80 but depend on the time of the year. Comparably you can travel by (train) carriage and be magically transported to Disneyland! Eurostar tickets from London to Paris range between £54 and £109 each way, offering a more comfortable mode of travel. Now both these options can seem pricey when looking at taking the whole family on a weekend getaway, so it only makes sense to book a package deal with Wowcher, where the bare necessities, flights, hotel and park tickets, are included! Not only is this value for money, but also a load off your mind! Be our guest as we organise the trip and save you time searching for the best hotels and flights.

Want to have the best of both worlds? Add another day to your package holiday and take a day trip to historic Versailles! With a forty minute train ride and some magic, you’ll arrive in Versailles and can bask in the beauty of the Chateau de Versailles, in the same weekend as meeting all your childhood heroes!

Now that you've bagged yourself a bargain when it comes to your Disneyland Paris tickets and transport, it's now time to be savvy when spending at the parks. There's so much to see, do, eat and buy at Disneyland Paris but we've put together some great tips for you to save money while at the park.

Eating at magical kingdoms can be expensive so here’s some tips to save money on food. When visiting the parks for the day, bring snacks and packed lunches. Local cafes usually have delicious baguettes that can be made into healthy lunches. The small snacks you bring with you will tide over your little ones until dinner time.

If you feel like a treat from the park, there are also places that will make you feel like royalty. Grab a quick bite from New York Style Sandwiches, Last Chance Café, Cookie Kitchen and Ice Cream Creations, and it’ll be a real-life beauty and the feast!

When you have a limited time at the parks, and have so much to cover it can feel like you’re floundering… but by prioritising the attractions and shows that you are most passionate about, you can make the most of your time! Walking around the Disneyland Parks can make you feel like you’re lost in the woods, but with some light preparation jotting now your must-do’s, your day will go swimmingly!

Want to do it all? Invest in Fastpass and spend less time in queues and more time being goofy with all your favourite characters! Certain rides also have single rider lines so you can skip the queues if you want to ride alone or are prepared to separate from your family for a ride or too.

Taking home a piece of Disney to be part of your world can be tempting with all the souvenirs available at the two parks, and no one is stopping you! Simply set a budget for souvenirs and shop around for discounts and affordable options. There are a number of different souvenir options in the park, including stationery, keyrings, and small plush toys which won't break the bank.

While it seems like a fantasy, Disneyland Paris is very much in your reach- even on a budget! Just remember to invest in package deals, bring packed lunches and leave with just one prized possession! Disneyland Paris is filled with magic and stardust, your part of it too…