Denim Fashion - Jeans, Jackets & More

Denim. Denim. Denim, denim, denim, denim... We're just trying to build suspense here, is it working? Anyway, denim! It’s a beloved fabric in the world of fashion – it's reliable, versatile and long lasting, coming in a range of styles and colours; from classic blue to bold black; distressed or pristine – there's one for everyone. A staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe! If you want to make a statement while looking hip AF, a denim piece is what you need. Let’s explore the variations of denim and find the way you can denim it out!

The most well-known way to wear denim - on your legs, and for good reason; it's a piece of clothing that's adaptable to any style. Whether you want to be warm with a sweater on top, dress it up with a shirt for a casual workday or a simple T–shirt for a chic look – the right pair of denim jeans will be the only item you’ll be reaching for! There’s an array of endless styles- skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans, flare jeans... the list goes on and on, like a denim buffet!

Boyfriend jeans have a laid-back and easy-going design, the slouchy silhouette pairs perfectly with a fitted top. Flared jeans can be styled with a tucked-in blouse and boots for an easy day to nighttime outfit. High-waisted jeans are like a magic trick for your figure, cinching you at the waist and giving you legs for days! A cropped top and sneakers will do you wonders!

The endless fashion opportunities do not end there, you can get cropped jeans, wide-legged, coloured, embroidered and there’s still more but it’ll take us hours to write and you’re not going to read all that either. So, why not just head online now and explore some of the deals we have and grow your wardrobe today!

Denim shorts are a summer-time essential – keeping you cool in more ways than one. We feel like denim got a bad rep over time somehow, the awful appearance of joots and jurses was something out of the depths of hell, maybe it was all a joke but pfft, it was still a scary time for humanity. We feel like denim shorts, or jean shorts or – dare I say - ‘jorts’ - is a hit or miss for some, depending on the style. We personally feel that they’re going to be the trend this summer! And think about the tanning – our legs always need a bit of sunshine and shorts are the most acceptable way to tan on-the-go.

Denim shorts are all about the effortless style, why not try it with a graphic tee and your favourite trainers – this look works for both men and women. Make a statement with a pair of Western style boots and a loose cardigan or your favourite baggy t-shirt for a tomboy style! It’s fun and casual and the design on the t-shirt can be your statement piece but don’t forget to accessories; from layered necklaces to belts, the blue sky is the limit! Find your favourite pair with us today! P.S. Don’t forget sunscreen.

You can’t go wrong with a mini skirt in the summer and add denim into the mix and we’ve got a fun outfit with a touch of sass! Like jeans, they are also a versatile piece and a must-have staple for every closet. They can transform from casual to dressy with just a change of top and shoes. Pair them with a simple white tee and sneakers for a laid-back weekend vibe or dress them up with a flowy blouse and sandals for a brunch date with the girlies! The possibilities are endless, and the more you explore with your wardrobe pieces, the more likely you are to find a new match!

Colours like white, yellow, blue, pink and some shades of green work perfectly with a denim skirt so be sure to incorporate those into your wardrobe to stand out during the summertime! Or why not embrace your inner ‘90s babe with a cropped top and combat boots or a buttoned-down skirt with heels for a polished finish! No matter the choice you make, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. Next time you’re headed over to a festival, a beach bonfire, or a casual coffee date, a denim skirt is always the answer, trust us!

You simply cannot go wrong with a maxi denim skirt, and why is that? It’s easy, whether you want to look classy or relaxed, you get the comfort and freedom while still looking absolutely fabulous! A maxi denim skirt is not like any other denim piece we’ve covered so far, it’s the cooler, chicer member of the family. A length that grazes the ankles with a breezy silhouette, it’s the epitome of ‘summer cool’. And if you’re worried about denim being super heavy for a maxi skirt or too hot to wear in the heat, fear not my friend, denim comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and weights!

From chambray to sturdy denim blends, you’re bound to find one for every season and occasion; and yes, you can find your favourite denim skirt for autumn too. You can play around with a maxi skirt, and if it’s a denim one, the same rules apply; try on what you find and find the style that works for you. Whether it’s a cropped top and a belt, a simple buttoned-down shirt, a graphic tee or a leather jacket – and we could keep going. Grab yourself a quality denim skirt online now and it’ll last you a lifetime of twirling around in style!

This is for the bad boys (and girls) who want to make a statement. In the 50s, jeans were seen as a form of rebellion, alongside the leather jacket – maybe that’s why they denim and leather go so well together. These two fashion staples were banned in schools, as teenagers were fighting to break free from the confines of post-war life and wanted to create their own look. So, whenever you wear your denim jacket, wear it with pride.

The option to add patches, badges, embroidery and even painting directly on the material, you can wear your jacket the way you would want to! Add your own unique touch, something that screams you, your style, your personality; make it your own. Adding some fringe to your denim can accentuate the look, or a patchwork design is a great way to DIY and make use of old materials too!

If you’re a creative soul, denim is your best friend, because even if you mess up, the rugged style is going to work anyway – unless you completely tore it apart and ruined it then, good luck! And let’s not forget about the iconic denim-on-denim look! It’s a bold fashion statement, but always remember the rule: “mix up washes and textures”. Next time you’re in a fashion rut, just remember – when in doubt, denim jacket it out!