Dell Chromebook & Latitude Black Friday Deals - Early 2023 Price Drops

The perfect computer deal is waiting for you here at Wowcher! The Dell Chromebook and Dell Latitude are just the devices you've been looking for, with their affordable prices, quick boot times and ultra cool designs. So if you want to sit back indulge in all of your favourite apps or tackle a tricky workload, these Dell computers were truly made for you!

Dell Chromebook vs Latitude: Which One is Right for You

There's an exciting variety of Chromebooks and Latitudes here on Wowcher. For a work computer, the Dell Latitude is the ideal choice for any business professional. After all, the Latitude features a powerful processor that enables users to smoothly handle some heavy multitasking, making for a seamless performance with no lag. The Dell Chromebook offers users a more laid-back experience, being chiefly optimised for web-based applications and document editing, which is good news for any casual user out there! Additionally, some options are available with optional McAfee AntiVirus and a carry case, so you can have peace of mind and efficient portability.