How to Decorate Your Home Like a Cottage

Bring the countryside cottage cosiness to your home this year. Make your home comfortable and cosy just like the adorable English cottages in the countryside. From cushions in warm neutral colours to fresh flowers and handcrafted nik-naks. We’ve put this helpful guide together to help you create your own calming oasis!

First things first, to make your modern home feel more like a cottage we need to decide on the colour pallet for your home. Cottages often give out warm cosy energy with warm neutral colours such as creamy pastel colours in summer or dark reds and grey tones in the winter months.

Ultimately how you decide to decorate is up to you, but for a true cottage feel, you could start with some neutral greys are your base theme with sofas and build up the colour scale to include pastel pinks and purples with scatter cushions and throws. This hint of colour will leave you with a cosy cottage energy that doesn’t overwhelm your senses!

Finding the right piece of furniture for your home is no easy task! There are many factors involved that effect whether or not a piece of furniture is the right fit. To create a more cottage-esque atmosphere, look for unique pieces of furniture that offer generous storage solutions.

Why not add a stylish wooden butcher’s blocks that allow you to store pots and pans and other kitchen utensils beneath? With a wooden chopping block on the top for a convenient side surface, this is the perfect practical piece of furniture to add to your kitchen. With the warm wood aesthetic creating a cottage atmosphere alongside the higgily piggily open-view storage system.

Perhaps a drinks trolley is more your style for the lounge? There are some beautiful designs available that incorporate themes of old cottage style. With a globe-shaped drinks trolley made with old dark wood you can show off your drinks collection in a stylish compact storage trolley that blends in to your warm and cosy aesthetic.

Buying furniture is a big investment, and it’s important to buy the right piece for your needs. Vintage furniture is a wonderful way to reuse older pieces that no-longer serve the previous owner. By incorporating them in your cosy cottage style home you can offer a much-loved chest of drawers or dining table a new lease of life!

Wooden furniture often features beautiful carvings of flowers or vines for a delicate nod to nature that encapsulates the eye without overshadowing the room.

Vintage pieces can even be treated to a new teak layer or a lick of a pastel paint to create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen or dining room. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of colour to a room without overwhelming it!

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home through exciting textures and bold patterns.

At Wowcher we have a wide range of textured pillow and blankets available, to make your house a home! Add colourful pastel cushions that support your body. Or curl up with a soft and fluffy throw.

Wrap up in a snug spot and enjoy a good book in your cosy cottage-like home! You can choose from a variety of styles, such as flowers or food-inspired cushions to scatter along your sofa in the lounge!

One wonderful aspect of countryside cottages is the vicinity to nature. With wildlife to your doorstep and sweet-smelling roses wafting through your home, you will experience a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere!

Replicating these quiet and peaceful vibes is no mean feat in the hustle and bustle of busy city living, but with the addition of some colourful and sweet-smelling flowers, your home will soon provide the quiet atmosphere to make even a hobbit jealous!

Adding freshly cut tulips or roses to your home, is a sure way to bring the smell of flowers into your home. Place them in a beautiful vase and set in the centre of your living room or dining room. A central placement will catch everyone's eye as you enter the room, bringing a smile to friends and family when they visit your cottage cosy home!

Make your room feel full of vegetation with artificial plants such as triflora or palm plants. Their green leaves look impressive around your home, creating a green oasis. Plus, these luscious plants can’t die from forgetfulness. There’s no need to worry about watering them, these plastic plants are ideal, creating the illusion of being organised without the added stress. Their full and colourful leaves look realistic just like a real palm plant. Scatter them around your home for a full and bountiful indoor garden!

Your cottage of cosy wonders is nearly complete, but what else is there to make your home a masterpiece?

Finish off your home with the final touches that add another layer of quintessential Britishness to your home. Complete the dining room with vintage style cutlery. Or perhaps you need to light the way to a brighter and cosier home with some unique LED lights. With a rustic aesthetic they fit in perfectly into your cottage cosy home!

Check out a few of our favourite options below: