10 ideas to decorate your home in the Bridgerton aesthetic

Dearest reader, we understand your fascination with the houses in our ton so we've handpicked our favourites so you can replicate the decadence of the Regency era in your own home and perhaps this season it'll be your house that is the rare gem! Whether its lighting, furniture, rugs or silverware, you can spread the elegance of Bridgerton to every corner of your home. Hurry along, Lady Whistledown will be stopping soon for a tea and a gossip...

Let's start off with something simple. Arguably, a rich colour palette is the subtlest of ways to bring the essence of the Regency Era to your home. Whether it's soft pastels, classic neutrals or the most Bridgerton-esque deep jewel tones, you can neatly weave them into your decor. When your home has already been furnished, it can be tricky to transform it but don't fret, we've got all the secrets! The finest thing about colours is that they can be accessories added to furnishings or pieces of decoration. This could be a luxurious bedding set or throw or an eye-catching centerpiece. Embellish your house with the proper colours and decor and feel the spirit of Bridgerton enter your life!

Another way that this reader can bring the charm of the Regency Era is through wall decor. Walls are often forgotten as an avenue of decorating but we're here to inform you that your wall decor often is a rare gem. Inscribed in Bridgerton wallpaper are decadent drawings of animals and intricate patterns, which in your home can add a touch of royalty. As well as wallpaper, wall decor shouldn't be overshadowed. As long as you are incorporating beautifully elaborate patterns, it does not matter what you put up. Not so fond of wall art? Why not add a decorative film to your windows- it'll be the talk of the ton!

Transform your space with some rare finds that will truly make you feel as though you'e been transported to 19th century! Finding the right quintessentially Bridgerton furniture that still fits in with your house and environment can be precarious but don't worry, you are in good hands! Focus on your gaze on essential pieces of furniture with a vintage feel, pattern or colour palette and don't shy away from smaller pieces such as statues and table centrepieces. With these timepieces from the Regency Era, there's no doubt youll feel like royalty!

Although it's easy to get lost in the appearance of things, don't overlook how they feel. Incorporating luscious fabrics within your home is a great way to introduce a Bridgerton theme. You may include velvet, silk or brocade fabrics that will work to elevate your furniture. Whether it's through a drapery or large furnishings, plush fabrics can add an elegance to your home. Even so much so, that Queen Charlotte will be asking you for your supplier!

What are Bridgerton homes if not adorned with decadent chandeliers? Lighting, whether it's lamps, decorative lights or ceiling lighting, can truly tie a room together. Deciding the intensity of the Regency Era you'd like to bring is important in matching the vibe of your home. Once having settled on a certain level of decadence, you can go ahead and brighten your space with these lights. For subtle richness, you can simply add a lamp or garland lights. Enhance this with a royal candle holder table piece that attracts attention or wow your guests with a crystal chandelier!

Nothing exudes elegance like a grand mirror, making them vital for a transformation. Mirrors are perfect for elevating your space and creating light. Whether it's a wall mirror or a vanity mirror, they're perfect for getting ready for the ball (or for work!) You've already got Penelope Featherington, so we give you the opulent feather mirror! Purchase it today and witness your home changing.

Doesn't waking up and putting your feet down on a lush rug sound like perfection? Well, it's possible with some lovely faux sheepskin rugs! Every corner of the Bridgerton homes is furnished, so don't forget to embellish your floors with luxurious carpets. Are fluffy carpets not your style, no worries, betroth a patterned rug with a floral or intricate pattern instead!

Although subtle, silverware can be another way to elevate your home inspired by the Regency Era. Bridgertons don't just get ready in style, they eat in style too! Often many people don't realise how customisable silverware can be but I'll let you in on a secret, reader... By adding a metallic tone or pattern, you can emulate the ton's sophistication. You'll be dining like royalty and hosting elite dinner parties with these cutlery sets.

Above all, botanical and floral prints are the diamond of the season when it comes to the Bridgerton aesthetic. Botanical prints exude the essence of the Regency Era and breath life into your space just like plants do. Whether its floral-inspired decor, artificial flowers or botanical prints, this is the path to walk down! Just like all the flower types, floral decor can be used in multiple places. Place them on your desk, kitchen counter top or coffee table and see your home flourish!

In addition to elegant fabrics, why not take this a (dance) step further and merge them with upholstered furniture? Upholstered beds are dramatic pieces, made to stand out, perfect for creating the Bridgerton aesthetic in your home. Your chosen upholstered bed can even be a neutral or deep jewel tone to further reflect the Regency Era! Even better, upgrade your bed to a canopy bed! Elegantly draped fabric is perfect for making you feel like royalty.


In conclusion, dear readers, there are many ways to transform you home and treat it to a Bridgerton makeover! The transformation is sure to make headlines in Lady Whistledown's next issue, so hurry along and begin spreading that Regency elegance!