Cost Effective Transportation

We're all feeling the crunch of living costs right now - everyday essentials are hiking up in price and our incomes are taking a bigger hit than ever. One of the biggest culprits is transportation. Check out this handy guide to cost effective transportation options!

Electric Scooters

A fun alternative to the typical bike - electric scooters are a great way to quickly get from one destination to another. Even more compact than bikes, they're ideal for navigating busy urban areas. You will be limited to rental e-scooters if you opt to use one as an alternative method of travelling, as privately owned e-scooters are not suitable for use on public land. However, all you have to do is download the app of your chosen operator (available through Dott, Lime and TIER), complete the registration process/mandatory in-app training and finally locate your e-scooter of choice. They're great for cutting costs, as you can just rent whenever you need one, rather than forking out for a big initial cost of a bike.


Get on your bike! Get a morning workout in and get to work easily, with no cost following initial payment for your bike. No traffic jams, no limitations of where you can go, no added stress of the public transport method for you. There are plenty of open cycle stations for users to park up, and a vast option of city provided bikes that users can use to travel around the city (a popular option being the 'Santander Cycles'!). Use these as often or as little as you'd like, with no big commitments. Check out a few offers we have on Wowcher right now, and save even more than regular retail listings! Whether you're looking for a foldable bike or a road racer bike, we'll have the perfect option for you!

How To Save Money On Transport

Transport costs can hit wages hard. Luckily, with the new influx of remote/hybrid options, more and more people are taking advantage of working from home. If your workplace is not offering remote/hybrid working options, these costs can cause some issues. Instead, you may choose to save in as many areas as possible to make the commute cost effective. Railcards/travel cards, travelling off peak where possible and opting for cheaper transportation alternatives such as walking or cycling can help keep costs low. If you can, purchase tickets in advance if you know when you'll use them, as costs tend to hike in price closer to the time of your journey.

Cycle To Work

Cycling to work can be fun and a great form of exercise. Many workplaces offer a 'Cycle to Work' scheme backed by the government. These schemes are in place to encourage employees to opt into cycling to the workplace, rather than relying on public transport. It can provide you with savings on both bikes and accessories, allowing you to purchase them at a fraction of the original cost. These costs come directly from your salary, so no need to worry about calculating costs each month - why not consider giving it a go? Your health and wallet will thank you for it!