Corner Garden Ideas

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but sometimes a corner space is all you’re blessed with. Here at Wowcher, we’re all about maximising space, especially when it comes to outdoor areas, so we’ve put together five of our favourite corner garden ideas so you can enhance your green space this year!

Who needs the whole world when you have your own corner at your fingertips! Trade that singular camp chair and the barely-there blanket for a decent spot to put your toes up in the sun! When you’re indecisive about decoration and your backs against the wall, it’s best to sink a little further into the perfect egg chair, right? May as well make use of the space! Picture yourself brunching in Paris with a lush bistro set too - all from the comfort of your garden. We bet it’ll even fit so snug into the corner that you’ll have space to practice those dance moves for the next summer bash! Maybe it’s time to cocoon in comfort instead…

Give your garden some enchantment and brighten those square feet! Unlike fireflies, a few fairy or LED lights can add some magic without pestering you. No more swatting away the little illumination you do get, you’re free to stretch out – hopefully – and enjoy the bliss. What could be better than turning a potentially dull corner into a sparkling wonderland? – of its own perfect proportions! So, whether you’re planning a cute picnic or a late-night reading session, how could you say no to a lit hideaway?

Add your own natural confetti to your garden – it’ll do wonders! Sprinkling a bit of joy into your green space can only do good. In our professional opinion, it beats letting the weeds take over to keep sprouting across the sacred space you do have… With different colours and hues, you might even get some natural wildlife finally visiting your garden – besides the neighbours that peer over to judge your beloved corner. So, whether you're using your space wisely to cultivate a cottage garden or a secret paradise, let these floral wonders be your blooming companions in your green oasis.

Every centimetre counts when it comes to the corner of the garden! We don’t mean flood the space with every decoration you find. Maybe more use a garden trellis as an elegant backdrop to enhance what you’re working with? They're like the supportive friends who encourage your plants to reach for the stars, adding vertical dimension and visual interest to your outdoor haven. With their intricate designs and rustic charm, they're the perfect touch for climbing vines and flowering creepers, transforming any space into an enchanting retreat. Plus, they're nature's way of giving your garden a hug, wrapping it in lush greenery and delicate blooms.

Summer doesn’t end because you’re working from the corner – garden is garden in our books! You don’t have to justify why the barbecue that’ll touch both garden walls is a great buy – there are so many alternatives to enjoying a kebab while having space to do a happy dance. All you need is a fine selection of groceries and us, obviously, to give you the barbecue ideas! Bring the thrill of outdoor grilling to even the tiniest of spaces. With their sleek designs and convenient portability, they're the ultimate party starters, and that’s just what you need! A cheeky portable barbecue has got your back - and your burger. So, fire up the fun and let the grilling games begin!