Christmas Eve Boxes and Ideas 2022

Why not treat your loved ones to a special Christmas Eve box this year with treats ready for the big day? Scroll below for Christmas Eve Box fillers ideas!

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What is a Christmas Eve box?

Put simply, it's a box of treats designed to start the festive fun early! They make a lovely gift as they're often completely personalised and unique to the recipient! You can get wooden boxes or little cardboard ones, and if they're not personalised, you can easily decorate them yourself, or if you're feeling extra creative, why not make the whole thing? You could always wrap the box up early and choose to give them an early treat anytime during the day on Christmas Eve!

What will I find in a Christmas Eve box?

Obviously, it depends on who you're giving one to and if it's for an adult or child, but here's a few things you may find! A Christmas film, hot chocolate, pyjamas, socks and snacks! Really, you can fill them with whatever you like and what you think the person you're giving it to needs for the day ahead! We have an eve-n better deal here at Wowcher where you can get a child's activity Christmas Eve box as well as an adult pamper Christmas Eve Box. You'll find all sorts of goodies, including a colouring set, jokes, cookies, face masks, tea lights, hot chocolate and even some reindeer dust! If you're filling one yourself, it's completely up to you what you put inside. Take the day to relax and enjoy the time with friends and family before the chaos of the big day arrives!

Who do I give Christmas Eve boxes to?

Anybody and everybody! From adults to children, you can customise the box to suit their needs! Whether it's a partner, parent, child, sibling, friend or grandparent, you can give them an early taste of Christmas with a Christmas Eve box! These could also make a great secret Santa present if you're unsure what to get that friend or colleague, help them be ready in time for Christmas with a Christmas Eve box!

Where did Christmas Eve Boxes originate from?

Christmas Eve Boxes are a relatively new craze, but they're believed to have originated from the German tradition of opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. For us in the UK, it's a way to kick start those festive celebrations early. Traditionally, it was meant for children, but if you ask us, it's perfectly acceptable for bigger children too!