Chopping Boards

If you're looking for somewhere to chop up your food, then our range of chopping boards is a great place to start! Scroll below to see our deals on chopping boards.

Bamboo Chopping Boards

Bamboo chopping boards are a great essential piece of equipment for your kitchen. Bamboo is a particularly good material to use for chopping boards as it's strong, but lightweight, and it also grows quickly so you can rest assured that you're picking an eco-friendly option. Our bamboo chopping board includes handy tabs on each board to prevent cross contamination, it's also colour coded to make them easily identifiable. Plus, you'll get a stand to easily store them away when you're not using them.

Personalised Chopping Boards

If you're after a chopping board with your name on it, then you've come to the right place! We have a personalised BBQ chopping board for you to get your hands on. This would also make a great gift for the head chef of the family to use while they cook your tasty food! You can choose from various designs so whether they are a BBQ King or Master of the grill, they'll be something to suit everyone here!

Glass Chopping Boards

Glass chopping boards are also a good option for an essential piece of equipment for the kitchen. Our tempered glass chopping board is highly resistant to heat, meaning you can easily rest a hot saucepan or baking tray on the top without breaking the material. The board also has rubber feet, which stops it from sliding around while you're cutting and preparing your food. You can easily wipe it clean, and unlike a wooden chopping board, it won't stain!

Kitchen Sets

We do also have some handy kitchen sets which include chopping boards and some other essential products you'll need in the kitchen. Our kitchen set includes four knives, scissors and a chopping board so you'll have everything you need to make some tasty meals! You could also gift this set to someone you know who loves to bake or cook!

What Are The Most Hygienic Chopping Boards?

There is no one specific answer as to which chopping board is the most hygienic, but there are tips on ways that you can ensure that you keep your chopping board clean! Glass and wooden chopping boards are said to be the most hygienic. Glass chopping boards can easily be wiped down, cleaned and washed. Wooden chopping boards are durable, and can be disinfected using a white vinegar soaked cloth and leaving for a few minutes. Whichever type of chopping board you have, make sure to wipe it down after every use and disinfect it once in a while! Also, use separate chopping boards for raw meat, fish and cheese to prevent cross contamination.

What Colour Chopping Board Do I Use?

If you're confused about the different coloured chopping boards and what they're for, then let us be your guide:

  • Red Chopping Boards - these are used for raw meat and poultry.
  • Yellow Chopping Boards - these are used for cooked meat and poultry. You can also use this board for preparing cooked fish.
  • Blue Chopping Boards - these are used for raw fish and shellfish.
  • White Chopping Boards - these are used for dairy and bakery products.
  • Green Chopping Boards - these are used for washed fruits, salad and vegetables.
  • Brown Chopping Boards - these are used for unwashed root vegetables. This is because they could still have soil on them, so using this board prevents that from getting onto other foods you might be preparing.
  • Purple Chopping Boards - these are used for free-from products.
It's important to wash your chopping boards between uses, especially if you've had a food on it that someone could be allergic to.

When Should I Replace A Chopping Board?

It's recommended that you replace chopping boards at least every 12 months, but there are also some signs that you should look out for to see if you need to replace your chopping board. If there are deep knife scratches on your board, it may be time to replace it as this is where bacteria can live and hide. Also, if it is no longer sitting flat on your work surface, this is normal as the board can bend and change shape over time, then it's time to change it as the board could slide about while you're using it which is dangerous!