Choosing The Right Plants For Your Garden

Who doesn't love it when the flowers start cropping up and the air feels lighter!

Make your garden your own natural haven by planting away and watching them blossom beautifully.

Nobody knows your favourite flowers quite like you do, so add the perfect touches before you let your toes hit the grass for summer!

The temptation of a stunning plant is too real! – don't be surprised if your guests try to steal some for their own bouquets.

The smell of flowers is enough to transform your garden and bring it back to life!

Maybe you've noticed that your outdoor space could do with some colourful charm in the form of those magical petals. The stems you have in that basket might not make it to August, but don't worry because there are plenty more where that came from!

Don't worry about becoming an expert florist, we're here to plant the seeds, you just need to pick the ones you like best.

We've got a bunch…

An apple a day keeps the bad vibes away, and that's just what you need!

For our organic stars, you'll love the sound of picking your own juicy snacks right from your own garden. We're taking locally sourced to a whole new level!

Save yourself the hassle of battling to find the perfect strawberries in the supermarket and bring the flavours to your own stunning garden.

Maybe you can pear your fruits with a cheeky dessert for the ideal evenings – it'll be the cherry on top!

Orange you glad you stopped by…

You might have to get your hands dirty but you'll have something to show for it.

Shrubs are a great garden addition for those looking to cover more ground with a simple fix.

There shall be no corner of your garden left unturned this season! You can now quit the google search on how to grow a flower in 5 days and just invest in a plant that'll alleviate all your stress!

Leaf your worries in the wind and explore our range.

We wouldn't want to plant any ideas in your head – kidding, that's exactly what we want to do!

Give your space a natural edge with a quirky garden planter. You don't only have to resort to a dozen roses – let your plants match your whacky vibes!

You can enjoy the chance to spot your favourite blooms as the seasons change too because you'll have a stunning selection.

It might be trickier to notice when someone's pinched a flower or too, but we're sure you'll bee protected by the wildlife!

Behold, the only inspo you need…

These are a brilliant idea for your garden, so of course the bulb went off!

If these are up your alley, then you must be Mother Nature's favourite. Bulbs are the perfect way to get stuck in and make your garden your own.

The plans of having the most miraculous garden on the street won't be soiled just yet because you've yet to discover all the options!

Unleash your inner gardener and give your garden the chance to blossom in the best way!

There are a few winners down below…