Candle Gifts for Christmas 2022

What better way to feel the Christmas scent than with a candle gift set? From Yankee candles to Christmas LED candles, we've got plenty of fragrant options! Shop all things Christmas in our Christmas Shop!

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Candle Gift Ideas

This year, find the true essence of Christmas by choosing a candle gift set to fragrance your home or give a special someone the perfect festive wick. Our selection of candle gifts includes the popular Yankee candles, classic scented and natural wax candles, and Christmas LED candles. Or if you're looking for some holiday DIY, why not choose to craft your own candle with our tool kit?

Yankee Candle Set

Treat your loved ones and see their faces light up when you give them a popular Yankee candle set. If you're looking for high-quality candles, then you can't go wrong with Yankee candles. They are natural candles, burning evenly, and with a high-performing wick. Just like these candles, your relationship will be long-lasting. Let them be your guiding light!

Flameless Christmas LED Candles

If you don't want to miss out on the Christmas spirit, but need a safer option, these Christmas LED candles are just the thing. Homes can get quite busy on Christmas, and we all know that kids love running around - these flameless candles will keep them out of harms way. The three-piece candle set features different sizes and a remote control to change light duration, light strength and flickering. Each LED candle comes in a festive glass holder with deers and trees, so the festive spirit glows all night!

Natural Handmade Candles

These natural handmade candles are the perfect Christmas gift for that eco-conscious friend or loved one. Hand-crafted in a London studio using 100% natural ingredients, they're plastic-free, certified cruelty-free and vegan. With their autumn scents, this candle set will fragrance your home with cosiness, creating a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy with your family this Christmas. Whether you prefer that autumn tree scent or that pumpkin spice scent, we've got them all here for you in one set. Get that long-needed re-leaf with essential oils filling the house!