Multipacks & Bulk Buys

Looking to stock up? Bulk buy in with Wowcher's incredible range of bulk buy deals! From cleaning products to wine, household supplies to bodycare, your store cupboard will be full on a budget!

Cleaning Products

Keep your house gleaming without running to the shop every five minutes with our bulk buy cleaning products. We have multipack bundles of kitchen cleaners, antibacterial wipes, microfibre cloths, toilet cleaners and more, so you can keep your home sparkling from the kitchen to the bathroom! Keep an eye out for bulk buys from top brands including The Pink Stuff and Viakal for premium cleaning at rock bottom prices!

Household Supplies

Keep your home running smoothly with Wowcher's bulk buy household supplies. We have the household essentials in mega bundle packs to keep you and your family stocked up with all the necessities. Check out our amazing discounts on bulk buy toilet rolls, laundry capsules and tablets, hand sanitiser, towels and more. You'll find incredible discounts on top brands including Persil, Freedom, Hush and more!


Keep the whole family stocked up with hair and body care essentials with our incredible bulk buy deals. Buying in bulk keeps your bathroom cabinets full and your family clean from head to toe. On Wowcher, we have multipack and bulk buy deals for everything from toothpaste and toothbrushes, to shampoo, shower gel, men's grooming, razors, moisturisers, hair care and so much more.

Food & Drink

Stock up your shelves for less with our amazing bulk buy deals on all things food and drink! Whether you are stocking up for the summer holidays, Christmas, or for an easier day-to-day life, we have bulk buys on snacks such as chocolate, popcorn and sweets, plus coffee capsules for your caffeine hit. Don't miss out on our top bulk buy wine deals, with an incredible range of red, white and rose wines on offer for the taking! Think wine, think Wowcher!

How Bulk Buying Saves You Money

Bulk buying is a great way to get organised and save you money over the year. Getting stocked up on your household essentials, means less trips to the shop and less deliveries, saving you money on petrol and delivery fees. Plus, the cost per unit is almost always cheaper, so it works out as a very cost effective way to shop. As the cost of living rises, more and more people are discovering how buying in bulk can save you money. Buy wisely and discover the best bulk buy deals at Wowcher!

How Bulk Buying Helps The Environment

Bulk buying can be an eco-conscious way to shop. Plastic packaging can be reduced when the need for fancy packaging on store shelves can be eliminated, plus you are reducing your transport miles and carbon emissions when your products are delivered in one bulk. It's more eco-friendly and kind to the environment than receiving many smaller deliveries or taking more trips to the shop. It can also be much cheaper for you per unit too, so it's a win/win from us!