Buddleia Plants

Grab yourself some lovely buddleia plants for the garden! Scroll down for our deals on buddleia and more information on the plant.

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Buddleia Plant

Buddleia plants can be a good option to have in your garden as they are a nectar source for butterflies, so if you're looking to attract more wildlife to your garden, then this is the plant for you! They are also really colourful and very beautiful, which helps too! The buddleia plant is also known as the 'butterfly bush', because as we said they attract butterflies by producing nectar. It's also known to be a particularly easy and fast plant to grow, so if you're a beginner looking to get started, then here is a good place to get stuck in!

Buddleia Tree

Buddleia trees are also known as butterfly bushes as they work in the same way as buddleia plants. A buddleia tree is a good option for those wanting to brighten up their garden with some beautiful colours and fragrances, as well as attract wildlife to their garden. Did you know that buddleia trees grow to at least 6 foot tall, but they could actually grow as big as 10 foot tall! Their width will also be pretty impressive, so if you're looking to grow a big strong tree, then this could be the one for you.

Pruning Buddleia

If you're asking when you should your buddleia, then you've come to the right place as we've got the answer for you! It's recommended that you being pruning it in the early spring season just as it's starting to grow again. It will depend on the weather where you live, if there is still frost and damp around in spring, then wait until that has cleared before you begin pruning. We suggest that you start trimming from the top, and then you will be able to see your progress as you go and get easier access to the bottom of the tree. Don't worry if you feel you may have trimmed too much as buddleias regrow very quickly and this trimming is what helps them to grow back fast and produce beautiful flowers once again! If you're planning on growing more than one buddleia plant or tree, make sure you leave plenty of space for them as they will expand as the grow in width and height.

Buddleia Tricolour Butterfly Bush

If you're liking the sound of all things buddleia, then check out our deal on a buddleia tricolour butterfly bush where you can expect visits from bees and butterflies and other wildlife in search of nectar! You can expect the bush to be in full bloom between July and September as it thrives best in the summer months. Plus, you can enjoy fragrant smells from the plant including honey. It's also a good option if you're more of a beginner at gardening, as it's a relatively low maintenance plant, which only require pruning in the spring and watering from time to time! If all sounds good to you so far, then check out our buddleia FAQs below.

Buddleia FAQs

How Do I Take Cuttings From A Buddleia?

The best time to take your cuttings is in the spring when you prune your buddleia, you may also hear these called softwood cuttings. It's suggested to take your cuttings first thing in the morning. You will want to take your cutting from new growth that is roughly 5 inches long and do not have any flowers on yet. Remove everything from cutting except the top leaves, and make a cut just under the joint about 4 inches long. You'll then need a pot and some compost to re-plant, and then give it a good water! Leave your pot on a warm windowsill, where there is enough heat, but do not position it in direct sunlight. It can take between 2 to 6 weeks to root, and there you go!

Is Buddleia Evergreen?

In case you're not sure, we'll quickly tell you what an evergreen plant actually is. An evergreen plant is a plant that has foliage that stays green and alive for more than one season. To put it simply, they are plants that keep their leaves all year long. Buddleias are actually described as being semi-evergreen plants as they do not keep their leaves all year round, but once it has flowered and grown properly in the summer months, it only loses its leaves for a short portion of the year.

Is Buddleia A Tree Or A Bush?

This is a tricky one to answer, as technically a buddleia can be both a tree and a bush! However, it is defined as being a shrub, which basically gives you the answer of it is a bush, but more rarely it can grow as a tree. It appears to look similar to lilac typically, but can be a range of different colours including yellow, white, pink and blue. Many buddleias, like our deal above, have a tricolour pattern to them, which looks stunning in that British summer sun we sometimes get treated to!

Is Buddleia Easy To Grow?

To put it simply, yes! Buddleia is a very easy plant to grow, as it suits every garden, so whether you've got a big or small garden, you'll definitely have success with this plant. There are different versions you can get, some are a lot larger, which you may want to plant directly into the ground or some are a little smaller, which is ideal for plant pots! If you're a beginner gardener, they will be ideal for you as they grow easily and quickly, plus if you've been looking for a way to attract wildlife to the garden then this is the way!

Where Is The Best Place To Plant A Buddleia?

Generally where you plant your flowers is up to you, but with certain types of plants, there are locations in the garden where they will thrive better, and that's what we're here to tell you! It's advised that you plant buddleia in a sunny area of the garden, as the sun helps them to flower. Do try to avoid overly windy spaces in the garden as branches could snap off in the cold and wind, which could leave the roots exposed. You can also choose to plant your buddleia in a pot and keep it warm in the sun on the windowsill, which you can then move as the weather changes!

Does Buddleia Like Sun Or Shade?

Just like us, buddleias love the sun! That's why it's best to plant them in the sunniest spot you can find in your garden. If they do happen to get some shade in the afternoon or evening, that's absolutely fine as long as they're getting about 6-8 hours of sunshine a day, this helps their flowers to bloom and look bright and colourful! This is also the case whether you plant your buddleia straight into the ground in the garden or into a plant pot inside and display it proudly in your home!

Do You Deadhead Buddleia?

First, allow us to tell you what deadheading means! Deadheading simply means to remove dead flowers from a plant. Yes, you should dehead your buddleia if you see any dead flowers, as this will encourage growth ahead of the flowering period in summer. The best time to dehead your buddleia is at the same time you do your intense pruning in early spring, and this will encourage stronger growth from the base of the plant also.

Is Butterfly Bush/Buddleia Toxic To Dogs?

We must say that butterfly bushes or buddleia are not edible, they are not anymore toxic than any other garden plant. They are generally safe to plant where children and animals live. They should only be attracting wildlife to them like butterflies, bees and other animals, but will not harm your domestic pets!