Black Friday 2023: Is Black Friday Worth It?

While Black Friday 2023 may have concluded, the excitement persists with our exclusive Deals!

If you're feeling a bit unsure about Black Friday, allow us to talk you through it. As one of the biggest shopping dates in the year, it can feel a bit overwhelming, which is why we've created this guide to explain what the day is really all about and why it's worth getting involved! You can shop our Black Friday Deals here!

What Happens On Black Friday?

On the day of Black Friday (which typically falls on the final Friday of November each year), many retailers have big sales that will provide the public with amazing discounts and offers. These deals typically start from midnight on the day of Black Friday, and last right through to Cyber Monday, the following Monday. A range of homeware and technology goods are likely to go on sale for big savings, including phones and laptops to clothing and perfume, as well as toys and furniture. Got a product you've been looking at for ages but never took the dive? Wait until Black Friday and see if you can snag it for a huge price save!

Can I Buy Gifts For Christmas On Black Friday?

Of course! This is a great time of year to buy gifts for Christmas. If you love to plan in advance and want to snag a bargain, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to sort out the Christmas wish lists. Many use it as a preparation event for Christmas also, as plenty of holiday decorations and themed items go on sale at the time as well. Be sure to keep an eye on our Black Friday Christmas Deals, in case something catches your eye and you can get a hold of it for a fraction of the original price.

Is It Worth Waiting To See What Deals There Are On Cyber Monday?

In the past, Black Friday sales used to happen on just one day. However, with the continued success of the event, many retailers continue to provide offers across the whole weekend, resulting in the Cyber Monday event. On this day, tech items are promoted with extra big savings. Retailers may offer different deals on products across both days, so it's worth having a look out to ensure you can get a hold of your new tech at the best possible price. Our advice would be: if you see a deal you like, grab it while you can, as it might be gone by Cyber Monday. Better to have it and see if something else might crop up than to miss out altogether!

Is There An Easier Way To Find The Products That I Want?

Absolutely. On Wowcher, we have a function which allows its users to create a wishlist full of all of the deals and products that they want. This makes Black Friday shopping much easier for you to navigate, as you can keep everything in one place. You can also build this up prior to the events and use it as your Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas shopping list. Start building your wishlist here!