Birthstone & Zodiac Gifts

It's written in the stars that you'll love our birthstone and zodiac gifts! If you're looking for birthstone and zodiac jewellery or custom star gifts, we've got plenty to choose from!

Birthstone and Zodiac Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a sign for what to get your loved ones? Then these gifts will really put stars in their eyes! We have stunning star sign necklaces for the Sagittarian in your life, and pretty pendants for your Pisces friends. Or if you're looking for a beautiful birthstone present, then jewell love our unique jewellery gifts! For a truly special present, you can make your loved one feel like a real star and name a star after them! So check out our birthstone and zodiac gift ideas!

Beautiful Birthstone and Zodiac Jewellery

Your loved ones will be starstruck with these beautiful birthstone and zodiac jewellery gifts! Why not grab some beautiful birthstone earrings or a necklace? Made with sparkly crystals from Swarovski®, these are a real gem of a present and represent each birthday month with a unique coloured stone. Or if you're looking for some jewellery for someone who's into their horoscopes, then you can thank your lucky stars because we have some stunning zodiac pieces. Choose from gold or silver necklaces with a unique charm for each of the 12 star signs, for a gift that will really bring good fortune your way!

Personalised Name Your Own Star Gifts

This year you can make that special person in your life shine just as bright with our personalised star gifts! Why not get a gift that's truly everlasting and name a star for someone? With a gift package from the Sky Registry, you'll get a special certificate which features the name of the star, its coordinates in the sky and a personal message included. Or reach for the stars and create a custom star map for your loved one; it shows the position of the stars, planets and constellations above the location of your choice on a specific date special to you!

Magical Moon Gifts

Is your loved one's moon sign rising? Or are they simply in awe of our closest satellite planet? Then they will love these presents to the moon and back! Grab a personalised moon lamp for a gift that will light up their world, or they'll be dancing in the moonlight with a solar powered garden half moon light that's perfect for garden parties. If you're looking for a stunning gift for the lady in your life, then she'll be over the moon with a sparkly moon pendant necklace! Or for a gift that's out of this world, why not give them a novelty plot of land on the moon so they'll always have a piece of our lunar neighbour?