5 Best Speakers for your Home

Feeling the bass in your bones is the only way to listen to music - or is that just us?

As cheesy as it is, music is everyone's love language - rightfully so. You don't have to know the chords behind each song to want to blast it from the rooftops!

With perfect weather around the corner, there's no better time to invest in a speaker!

We're sure the entire local park wants to hear the songs you can't get enough of...

The age of Bluetooth is in (thankfully) so you don't have to worry about your speaker clinging on to that 10cm wire!

Everything is technology now, so we must keep up with the times. With the days of hiding your CD player

in the past, it's only right that seamless vibes are the future! It's a no brainer to give up scratched songs for the ultimate beats.

Who doesn't want to truly be in control of the playlist? You get to stay connected and keep the grooves flowing the way you like before anyone else can disrupt it!

Get ready to power up and host your own backyard festival!

We all know the best concerts take place with bubbles and music!

Singing along to your favourite playlist while that conditioner sits might just be a top 10 feeling. You've got to stay loyal to your fans (the shampoo and body wash bottles) by upgrading your set up.

While you may not sound quite like Beyonce, you deserve to have the best backing track as you serenade your bath bombs!

The echoes from the bathroom walls aren't quite giving award-winning falsettos like you think (sorry). It might be time to give up on testing out the acoustics...

Finish those solos with the perfect speaker!

Add a cheeky LED light to your speaker and you've got yourself front row seats to your own free concert!

We know sometimes you feel like a crying in the club vibe, but it can't hurt to add a lil lighting to sing your heart out.

It's much harder to perfect the routine you made if you can't even see your own two feet! Be the director of your own lighting and perfectly capture the type of diva you're emulating.

A natural-born star like you belongs in the spotlight if you ask us! You just need the final pieces to rise to living room stardom!

Anddd mic drop.

Even when you're on the move, you need a way to groove!

Don't let the pain of wired earphones stop you from curing those ants in your pants - we mean it figuratively.

You might have two left feet but that doesn't mean you have to sit like a statue when having your own mini listening party.

Give your activities some background music and keep feeling like a Grammy winner in your own time!

Please don't stop the music, we've got solutions.

This is for our eco-enthusiasts who want to try an alternative to bird songs!

Music just isn't the same when there aint no sunshine! The hot rays feel like a natural lullaby but they could do with an extra beat or two from your own playlist.

Branch out and blast some music besides the whistle of the leaves. There's nothing more peaceful, but don't forget that 7-hour mixtape you put together!

Whether you're playing natural frequencies or discovering new music, a new speaker will complete the vibes.

Take your pick and put your records on...