Best Spas in the Glasgow Area

Alright bab - looking for the perfect way to kick back and relax? Look no further than our incredible spa experiences which are perfect for you and a loved one. Whether you're looking for a variety of treatments or want to enhance your spa experience with an afternoon tea, we have a whole host of offers to suit your needs. Read on to see 10 of the best spas in the Midlands area...

Home spa days are fab, but maybe double up at the DoubleTree by Hilton Strathclyde! Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the bustling city of Glasgow, you can have the best of both worlds. There's really no other reason to leave the house unless you've booked a long overdue massage in - apologies to your office! On a more serious note, it doesn't have to be all work and no play. It can be all facials and all treatments instead! It sounds a bit better don't you think? Clear your calendar for some much-needed rejuvenation and look forward to your skin glowing brighter than a disco ball!

Put a little spring in your step with a lush spa day! You'll end your session with people asking what you've done to look so revitalised – at which point you mention us. With stunning options such as aromatherapy massages and exfoliation treatments, you'll be restored back to your naturally divine essence - at a bargain price too! Turn your phone off and make time for that stored tension to be melted like chocolate as sweet as you. You might even want to share the tranquillity and gift it to a loved one too - without the hopes that they'l make you their plus one!

Pamper yourself silly with a trip to Bannatyne Spa, whether it's solo or with a loved one! You can't go wrong with stepping into a slice of heaven, where relaxation is served with a side of bliss. With a menu boasting eight tantalizing treatment combinations, each one including a Divine Eyes Take Home Mask for a little extra pampering, you'll be spoiled for choice! And the cherry on top? This gem is never too far with ample locations to choose from! If it's a gift you're looking for, a Bannatyne voucher is bound to do the trick and crown you best gift-giver - although you may need to sample some of those treatments for yourself first!

Picture this: a symphony of flavours from warm haggis bon bons to savoury profiteroles with chicken liver pate, each dish more tempting than the last. And let's not forget the star of the show-warm raisin and plain buttermilk scones with clotted cream and seasonal fruit jam, because life's too short for boring tea parties. Don't worry, you won't be left to a food coma on your visit - the menu sounded too lush that we almost forgot to mention your 90-minutes of spa and leisure access! With a gym, pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, you'll be getting the full pamper and nothing less! For every scone you eat, lets see if you can swim a lap! Our winning prize is a glowing recommendation and yours is more fabulous discounts!

You deserve nothing less than the best and we wouldn't offer you otherwise! At PURE Spa, prepare to have the treatments knock your socks off - literally if you're having a foot massage. It's about time you kicked back and let your worries drift away at a fabulous location. In our expert opinion, there is always time for a cheeky pamper! And with late opening hours, you can sneak in your me time no matter your schedule. Self-care comes first -a true Wowcher moral. Let the darling professionals work their magic to cure your body aches and those cuticles that need some TLC-we're simply calling it how we se it for the sake of your peace! Go on, treat yourself to a little luxury!

It's likely that this spa trip will trump that home waxing kit and having your cat walk all over your back - your cat questions your sanity while you still have those knots. Treat yourself to a 55-minute hot stone massage that'll leave you feeling more zen than a monk on a mountain top. Prefer shorter bursts of bliss? Try the express facial, so you can be in and out before you can even wink! Don't wait until you're snapping at the household for not folding the blanket how you like - book in your treatment before the lack of hot stones and pampering sends you mad!

You're just a bagpipe tune away from the best spa experience of your life! Nestled snugly in the heart of Edinburgh's captivating old town, the Edinburgh Holyrood Hotel is a sparkling 4-star gem. Although it's a stunning place for the history buffs, the treatments are fabulously advanced - don't worry about being turned into an artifact, your glow will last forever! Not only that, but the afternoon tea feature is enough to go back in time to congratulate the genius behind the flavours. Spoil yourself with a lush day and rewrite the future of your pampering!

Hold onto your cucumber slices because your treatment voucher is sending you to relaxation paradise! This experience is rich in luxury, but you won't be burning a hole in your pocket to access your wellness - we're amazing we know. From Swedish leg massages to pro-glow brilliance facials, you can indulge until your heart's content or until they kick you out - it's really up to you. Leave the craziness outside while you enter your soft life era with ease. There's no telling if the madness will still be waiting after that all unwinding, but you'll be facing it as a brand-new rejuvenated person!

Find yourself at the Revive Retreat, your hour-long escape from the chaos, nestled within Evolution Gym in Townholm, Kilmarnock. Beyond those front doors are precious staff and experts to help you lean into relaxation in the best way! Wind up - or down - in the infrared sauna where the soothing warmth will eradicate your stress and make you forget the lack of heat we endure. After such amazing treatment, you won't be left out in the cold, unless you want to take a plunge in the cold-water tubs - ice, ice, baby anyone? Go on, enjoy a little slice of tranquillity.

Nobody needs to get salty, there's opportunities to indulge for everyone! Get ready to dive into a 20-minute salt room session, where you'll feel like you're basking in the breeze of a coastal getaway - minus the sand in your swimsuit. Then, hop into the infrared sauna for a toasty 20-minute adventure, guaranteed to make you sweat out your worries faster than you can say spa day. Finally, choose your own spa adventure from a delightful menu of treatments, whether it's an ear candling escapade, a scalp, shoulder, and neck massage that'll have you feeling lighter than a helium balloon. And don't forget the hand and foot scrub - because who doesn't love feeling pampered from head to toe?