Best Personalised Photo Gift Ideas for 2022

Whether it's a quirky or sweet present you need, we have selected the best personalised photo gift ideas. You're sure to put a smile on your loved one's face with their face on their gift!

Best Personalised Photo Gift Ideas for 2022

A personalised gift is something unique that will always feel special. What better way to make it even more special than with a photo of you and your loved one's best memories printed on it? From personalised photo slates and mugs to personalised canvas and blankets, check out our selection of personalised photo gift ideas below! Whether you want to make it funny or cute, we're sure your gift will be one of a kind.

1. Personalised Photo Slate

This personalised photo slate is a beautiful alternative to a classic photo frame, perfect if you're looking for something that's a bit different. Whether it's a family picture, or a romantic shot of you and your special someone, you'll get a photo of your choice printed on a piece of stunning slate rock. Choose from a square or heart shape, or get both with the deal's upgrade option! A set of photo frame stands is provided so the slate will stand up while you will stand out.

2. Personalised Wall Calendar

Want to relive your best moments all year round? With this personalised wall calendar, we've got you covered, literally. Available in A4 and A3, the personalised calendar is double sided, spiral bound, and hang-ready, as soon as you pick your photos! Not only can you choose a picture for each month, but you'll also be able to add key dates like birthdays and personalise them with text and snapshots! Printed in high-definition on photographic paper, your photos will keep your memories sweet and vivid. A high-quality, low-price, great gift.

3. Personalised Cushions

With these personalised cushions, you're just one upload away from granting your loved one a beautiful gift that's also a unique piece of home decor. Cuddly or funny, romantic or quirky, you choose! Whether it's for a loved one or a couple celebrating a special occasion, you're sure to add a personal touch to their place. The bright, high-definition printing makes this personalised cushion machine-washable and your loved ones finally huggable even when they're away!

4. Personalised Keychain

Here's the perfect gift for that special someone who's got the key to your heart! Or just any keys, really. This personalised keychain pendant means you get to keep your loved ones close when you're out and about. Coming in different shapes, you can get a 2D pendant or upgrade to a 3D crystal photo keychain for a holographic effect! So, whether they're with that special person, a friend, or even your furry friend, choose your favourite photos and have them displayed in radiant style!

5. Personalised Mug

A special touch for your special someone's tea break. This personalised mug starts out as a normal, black mug and magically uncovers the photo you choose as hot water (or coffee!) is poured in. You can make it cute, funny, or romantic - your love will be revealed at every brew! Made of strong and durable ceramic, it's the perfect gift for a strong and durable relationship.

6. Personalised Photo Book

Memories are a great part of our lives. What better way to keep them rich and lively than with a personalised photo book? Each page will tell a story, recall an achievement, evoke a moment! Instead of keeping them in a computer, with a personalised photo album you're sure to bring pictures to life and get a special feeling every time you look at them! The photo book is easy to create: upload your photos, choose a template and layout, and you're good to go! Printed in premium HD ink, your shots will stand the test of time, and so will your memories.

7. Personalised Canvas

Turn your memories into a beautiful piece of wall art! Whether it's a family picture, or a shot of your best moment with your friends, these personalised canvas prints will enhance their place with a sweet personal touch. If you or your loved one are photographers, what better way to valorise your photos than turning them into a stunning canvas? High print resolutions and inks mean great quality and durability! Choose sizes and pictures and display your love.

8. Personalised Blanket

Let your loved one cuddle up in a blanket that's as warm as your love for them! With this personalised fleece blanket you'll make those cold winter's nights cosy and unique. Choose from various templates and sizes, going from 'baby' to 'queen', and pick your best photos to print on the soft textures. With bright, high-definition printing, this personalised photo blanket will be beautiful and comfy, just as your relaxing nights on the sofa.

9. Personalised Photo Card

If you're looking for something smaller, yet thoughtful or to combine with another gift, then these personalised photo cards are perfect. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, or any special occasion, you can upload a photo of your choice and create a beautiful personalised card, just as you always imagined it! You can add your message or leave a blank space to hand write it later, and you're sure to give your loved one a unique memory. All cards come with envelopes and are ready to be sent!

10. Personalised Moon Lamp

Add to your loved one's bedroom atmosphere with this personalised Moon lamp! You can engrave a lovely message onto it, print one of your beautiful photos on the design, or both! The size of this gorgeous Moon model is perfect for a desk or a bedside table, and you can change its colour with your touch. A warm yellow or cool white colours will ensure a calm ambiance at all times. So get this gift to your loved ones and they'll know you love them to the Moon and back.