Best Garden Games for 2024

With summer fast approaching, you gotta be prepared and start planning your summer activities now! Make the most of the sunshine with our selection of outdoor games for both kids and adults for hours of entertainment. It's the best way to spend your days and not be board out of your mind!

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Kids' Active Play

Keep the kids entertained during their weekends and summer breaks with a wide range of games that we have to offer. It's a great way to spend some quality time with them while allowing them to use up their energy and stay active! This

  • garden tennis game
  • or the
  • fort building kit
  • are great for both kids and adults, so join in on the fun with the young ones and start your summer with a real bang! We're always serving up the best deals!

    Family Games

    We love a challenge and that's why we're on a mission for you to have the best family game nights ever! We've covered the basics with the

  • Guess Who
  • game, the
  • mini table football
  • but I think it's time to try something new! Take the games to a new level with our
  • chair balancing challenge
  • or the wacky
  • Beat That
  • game for all ages! Test your coordination, balance and quick thinking with these new and exciting challenges that will keep the kids excited for the next family game night!

    Adult Games

    Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the adults that also wanna live it up! Doesn’t matter what kind of gathering it is, games always just make it a little more fun, wouldn't you agree? So get the boys over this summer and enjoy a quick game of golf with our

  • sticky golf mat game
  • that's perfect indoors or outdoors to make setting it up super easy. And if you really wanna be sporty, we've got the
  • badminton bundle
  • for up to four players, so you can get your friends or family involved in a game and cause a racket! It's a great way to stay fit too! And if you're looking to have a full blown party,
  • beer pong
  • is always a good way to get everyone on it! Wine not right?

    Snakes and Ladders

    A true classic, and now you can play it outdoors too! With a giant snakes and ladders set, you can play an amped up version of a family favourite, complete with big counters and enormous dice.

    Giant 4-in-a-Row

    Connect the discs with a giant four-in-a-row game. The aim is simple - make a line of four of your counters whilst preventing your opponent from doing so first. Ideal for small gatherings, this is a great lawn game for two people and will bring out your competitive streak.

    Giant Tower Block

    We've all experienced a tense game of tower block, but the odds are stacked even higher when you play the giant version! Take it in turns to remove a wooden block from the tower but be careful - you don't want to be the one to make the tower tumble! This is a great game for garden parties and best played with a number of people. Let the games begin!

    Pool Games

    Outdoor games don't just have to be played on the grass - you can take them to the pool too! Why not treat yourself to an inflatable paddling pool complete with a shooting hoops game? Alternatively, we have a great selection of fun, novelty floats which will allow you to splash around with joy this summer.

    Traditional Games

    It's all fun and games but there's something about the classics that just do such a good job at keeping us on our toes! So if you miss the good old days or you wanna introduce the kids to some of your childhood, we've got

  • Connect 4
  • or the
  • tumbling tower
  • and feel the anxiety of each block that's removed from the tower all over again! Whether you're enjoying in the sun, or playing indoors, these classics will always lighten up the mood. The fun is endless, so get the dice rolling and check online for your next game night plan!