Beginner's Guide to Running - Kit, Recovery & More!

Feeling inspired by London Marathon? We certainly are. We’ve put together this helpful guide to help runners of all abilities reach their goals. Whether you’re at the beginning of your running journey and are building up to running 5k or a seasoned running covering huge mileages each week as your train for your 5th marathon. We’ve put together this list of products that we think make crossing that finish line that little bit easier!

Who needs Paris Fashion week when the pavement or local park can be your runway. We firmly believe that if you look good, then you’ll feel good. So don’t be afraid to colour coordinate your running outfit because we all know the girlies run this city.

Whether you want long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeve-less tops to run in we have a range of styles and colours available. Purchase with matching bottoms in various styles, from booty scrunching leggings to 2-in-1 running shorts (perfect for preventing chub rub), there's options for every shape and size, because every body is a running body!

Looking cute doesn’t have to break the bank either. Our wide range of sports kit is affordable, giving you the power to run your best, looking your best. Check out a few of our favourite running clothes below:

Don’t worry lads, we’ve not forgotten about you either. We’ve got a range of running shorts on offer for you to wear whilst you train for that PB!

With pockets, for your keys and wallet, you could run to your favourite bakery or pub and enjoy a sweet treat or pint after all your hard work pounding the pavement.

Check out our compression running jackets below and feeling confident that you’re looking your best on your run:

One of the most important investments you make as a runner is in your running shoes. It’s a huge decision, to choose the shoe that will carry you across the finish line.

We have a wide range of shoes available, whether you're looking for a shoe with lots of cushioning or a lightweight shoe to propel you round the course, we have a wide range of brands and styles available in a wide variety of sizes.

Whether you’re inspired by big brands like Asics, New Balance, Hoka and many more, we’ve got you covered, all you have to do is lace up!

Second to running shoes, running socks are equally as important!

Running socks unlike casual socks are designed to help prevent blisters. They often featuring thick material around rub points like the heel and big toe. This added feature allows you to run faster and perform to a higher standard, as your feet are less sensitive to rubbing and blisters.

Take a look at a few our options below:

For women, the most important piece of kit in your gym bag is of course, the sports bra. Running is often uncomfortable and so wearing a supportive bra helps to reduce injuries and allows you to perform to the very best of your abilities!

Sports bras don’t have to be ugly either, we have a wide range of styles and colours available that offer different levels of support, from high impact, medium impact to low impact.

As the weather changes throughout the year, you’ll need different bits of kit to keep you warm or cool. We’ve got lots of styles on offer, check out a few of our favourites below:

In winter you’ll want to keep your hands warm but still need to be able to use your phone, touch sensitive gloves are just what you need. Keep your head warm and the path ahead visible with this beanie hat with built-in headtorch and Bluetooth speakers.

With the warmth of the summer, you’ll want a sunhat and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. We’ve got a wide range available, even if you’re new to running, a pair of sporty sunglasses will make you feel like an elite runner, giving you the confidence to run with grace!

Every runner loves accessories. Whether you’re running a 5k or a 20k you need a place to store, your keys, phone and wallet. Plus, you might want to carry energy gels, protein bar and of course water.

No distance is too short to use a running backpack, it’s convenient to put all your belongings inside a handy running vest, besides you look super cool with it on too!

When you’re just starting out with running, carrying water with a camelback is super helpful and can provide you with added confidence to run that extra mile. Holding several litres of water its convenient and easy to use whilst you’re on the move.

Whether you’re in need of a small running bum bag, or stylish running backpack, we’ve got you covered:

Elite runner or beginner we all like giving out kudos on Strava. Why not upgrade your Strava experience with an elite runners watch that tracks your milage, cadence and heart rate without breaking the bank. Whether you’re after a Garmin or Apple watch there’s something for every level of runner.

Being able to track your stats efficiently and see how you improve over time is great to help keep you motivated! Another way to keep you motivated is to invest in some high-quality headphones! Blast out your favourite tunes as you speed down the pavement. With long battery life and fast charging, you don’t have to stress about running out of battery any time soon!

Running outdoors isn’t for everyone, time restrictions, confidence and of course, the weather. Treadmill running is an accessible alternative, allowing you to still stay active when you have the time between work and the rain.

We have multiple styles available, with foldable options for added space saving satisfaction. Check out some of our favourite options below:

Every runner gets injured at some point, knowing little tricks can help to make the recovery process a seamless situation. Resting between training blocks and ensuring that rest days are followed will go a long way to ensure your body doesn’t burn out. Plus, warming up and cooling down will help reduce your injury risk, Nike’s Running Club have a great suggestion for different workouts to help beginner runners on their journey.

Fuelling your body with enough protein before and after your runs will also ensure you’re performing to the best of your abilities. Why not try adding protein powder to smoothies before your run?

Everyone develops a post run ritual, for some a refreshing cold dip, others a sweet treat and an iced coffee, for really tired muscles a long bath with Epsom salts could be exactly what you need to help your body recover and relieve muscles aches, pair with a massage gun for an in-depth recovery experience!