Bank Holiday Dates 2023-2024

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What Are The Bank Holidays For 2023?

We know the year has only just begun, but trust us when we say that time flies. If you're looking forward to the next Bank Holiday, then Friday 7th April is your lucky day! You will get to enjoy a 4 day weekend with Good Friday on Friday 7th April and Easter Monday on Monday 10th April, so get planning something special! See below for a full list of all Bank Holiday dates for 2023!

How Many Bank Holiday Days Are In 2023?

Most of the UK is used to enjoying eight Bank Holidays per year, but as we know, we're getting an extra one to celebrate the King's coronation. The Bank Holidays in 2023 will therefore be a total of 9, unless you're in Northern Ireland or Scotland. Why not take advantage of the time off with one of our great deals on hotel stays, spa treatments, fun activities and more, all over the UK and abroad?

Here is the full list of UK's Bank Holiday dates for 2023:

  • Friday 7th April 2023 Good Friday
  • Monday 10th April 2023 Easter Monday
  • Monday 1st May 2023 Early May Bank Holiday
  • Monday 8th May 2023 Bank Holiday for the coronation of King Charles III
  • Monday 29th May 2023 Spring Bank Holiday
  • Monday 28th August 2023 Summer Bank Holiday
  • Monday 25th December 2023 Christmas Day
  • Tuesday 26th December 2023 Boxing Day
If you're looking to plan ahead, then these are the first few Bank Holidays of 2024:
  • Monday 1st January 2024 New Year's Day
  • Friday 29th March 2024 Good Friday
  • Monday 1st April 2024 Easter Monday