Art Classes - Learn to Draw and Paint Online

Keen to channel your inner Pablo Picasso and learn about the world of art? Time to whip out those paintbrushes, as Wowcher has a ton of exciting online art classes for you to enjoy.

How Do Online Art Classes Work?

If you're looking for a savvy way to re-ignite an old passion, an online art course might be your calling. Whether you choose to focus on art history, theory or practical techniques, you'll have a trained professional at hand prepared to cover all sections of the industry. The beauty of online courses is that you're free to complete these at your own pace, and in most cases, you'll have unlimited access to the resources even once you've completed all the steps, in case you want to brush up on those skills in the future.

Types of Art Classes

Acrylic Painting

Commonly regarded as one of the most cost-effective paints, acrylic works on plenty of surfaces: wood, canvas, and even metal. Onsite today, You'll find a range of accredited courses where industry professionals give you the tips and tricks needed to become a confident acrylic painter. In many cases, you'll also receive a certificate upon completion - result!

Watercolour Painting

The translucent medium of watercolour paint is often used for illustrations, botanical painting, and school art lessons. Due to the unusual nature of watercolour painting, we have several online courses, with professional artists trained to teach you the essential information regarding painting elements, different techniques, how to paint different scenes and much more. You'll become a pro in no time!

Face Painting

Who remembers the good old days when you'd be at your school fair, candyfloss in hand and in the queue to get your face painted like a fairy princess? Now, it's time to relive those memories with an online course in face painting. A professional will be at hand with several modules, teaching you all sorts of different designs, followed by a certificate at the end.

Home Decorating

Keen to give your home a much-needed revamp, but less keen on splashing all your cash on a decorator? It's time to throw on that apron and start the DIY! If you look online, you'll find plenty of courses where a dedicated tutor will teach you the ins and outs of painting your dream home including health and safety measures, painting, wallpapering and much more. You'll be on the route to becoming an interior decorator in no time!

Kid's Art Classes

Keeping your little ones entertained all day is tricky for any parent. The emergence of online art classes for kids should keep them occupied for most of the day, with the promise of a savvy new skill under their belt by the end! The possibilities of kid's online art courses are endless: from expert tutors teaching them how to master the art of the sketch, to art subscription boxes allowing them to create a project from a video.