Al Fresco Dining

Dining in the fresh air, under a parasol sounds like bliss, doesn’t it? As the sun makes its return, so is Al Fresco dining! Whether it’s a lovely Sunday brunch or a candlelit date, Al Fresco dining takes meals to a new level. Not only can you go out for meals in the sun, but you can bring them to you! With the right rattan set and pergola, you can create a dining area in your garden - readily available to you. Invite friends and family around for the ultimate Al Fresco dining experience to celebrate an occasion or just spend quality time with each other. I know Al Fresco anything to have a good meal, and soon you will too!

Travelling to Central London and wanting to enjoy a meal in the sun? Al Fresco dining is the way to go, and thankfully for you London in summer is just the scene for dining outdoors. Imagine leisurely sipping a fruity white wine, whilst having a variety of picky bits to snack on as you and your partner talk to your heart’s content. Sitting inside can get stuffy, dim and rushed with waiters constantly brushing past. But dining outdoors allows you to take advantage of the warm evenings, and truly enjoy your company.

Whether it may be tapas, brunch or fine dining, say Al Fres-YES to dining outside cause London has all the freshest spots! Enjoy your chosen meal with a background of London landmarks such as the River Thames or London Eye. Have a glass of bubbly with a side of a sea view, with the opportunity to dine on a London yacht. Avo toast + sun = the best brunch that could be!

Elevate your brunch dates with outdoor dining and savour the sun and the bittersweet taste of coffee. Don’t take my word for it, even your favourite celebs from Made in Chelsea have my back, they’ve being Al Fresco-ing 2011!

Wanna get Al Fresco but don’t have the opportunity to go to London? Eat outside the lines with local dining spots. Swap the London bustle for local charm, just on your doorstep, without compromising on delicious food. Take in glimpses of fancy décor and bask in the ambience of happy eaters!

Looking for a restaurant to have a long overdue catch up with your best friend, look no further than local restaurants offering Al Fresco dining. Catch up with your bestie while the sun sets and birds twitter, there’s nothing more wholesome!

Can you think of anything better than chatting with your loved ones over glasses of Aperol spritz in the warm sun? Extend the invitation to your family, and celebrate the special moments, Al Fresco style.

Al Fresco meals aren’t just limited to restaurants, with the help of a comfy rattan set and a large parasol, you can dine outdoors like true royalty. Your garden can easily be transported into a relaxing, chic outdoor restaurant.

With an 8-seater rattan outdoor dining set, you can easily seat your family and some friends and enjoy the sun! Promote your dining experience with a robust dining set, with an attached parasol. Large tables allow for more interactive outdoor meals with your loved ones. Al Fresco turns ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences, one garden at a time!

It’s raining but you still want to enjoy a meal in the fresh air? A table set with a rain cover will get you sorted. Want to host a BBQ and show off your grilling skills? With BBQs you can invite friends and enjoy the blue skies of your garden. Al Fresco allows for the dress code to be casual and comfortable because the flavours are always in style and this set-up will be readily available in your garden! Accessorise your Al Fresco set-up with a pizza oven and flame to impress your guests on pizza night!

The opportunities are endless when you dine outdoors in your garden. Get creative and transport your Al Fresco set up to a local park for a picnic in the sun, surrounded by nature. With a Korean-style portable mini BBQ, you can bring the fragrant flavours of Korean food to you.

Al Fresco it up!

Don’t doubt the potential of dining outdoors, it will leave you beaming. Soon enough you’ll be an Al Fresco-holic!