Tempur Discount Codes for June 2022

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About Tempur

You probably didn't wake up this morning thinking you'd be browsing for space-age technology in the bedroom but that's exactly what you'll get with Tempur. Their mattresses are made with the same technology use to keep astronauts supported and secure at lift off while keeping their weight evenly distributed. If they can do that in space, think of what they can manage in a bedroom with normal gravity!

Founded in Kentucky in 1992, Tempur have been manufacturing and distributing viscoelastic foam mattress and pillows for nearly 30 years. Their mattresses are extensively developed and tested to ensure optimum performance and with 80 countries under the Tempur banner, they're supplying sleepers around the world with their best mattresses.

With beds, mattress and pillows to kit out the home with as well as travel pillows, bicycle saddles and seat cushions among other accessories, Tempur are helping to make every surface you can think of as comfortable as possible, whether it's stationary or on the move. Take a look at our discount codes for a little off and upgrade your sleeping space today!