Sonos Discount Codes for May 2022

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About Sonos

Sonos are the one-stop shop for home entertainment for anybody who wants the best sound in every room of their house. The American manufacturer has helped to revolutionise the way people listen wirelessly at home, offering crisp sound and deep, thundering bass from room to room.

They first hit the market back in 2004 and have quickly become a leader in sound tech thanks to the functionality, ease of use and great sound quality of their products. They've since branched out into soundbars, subwoofers and portable speakers you can move around the house. They've also made it as easy as possible to connect your speakers up wirelessly and control them individually via the Sonos app, meaning you can choose to have an action film blaring out in the living room at the same time as your favourite playlist in your bedroom or podcast in the study.

If you're on the hunt for the best sound for any room in the house, Sonos is the way to go. And if you're looking to knock a bit off the price while you're at it, you're in the right place for discount or promo codes for a wide range of Sonos products!

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What Types of Sonos Products Are There?

Wireless Speakers For Music

Most people buying a wireless speaker are just looking for a simple and easy way to get their favourite songs into their eardrums and that's exactly what the Sonos One Smart Speaker excels at. These portable speakers are perfect for every room, be it a bedroom, home office, kitchen or living room with a compact design that fits in small space on a bookshelf or countertop.

The Sonos One use one mid-woofer which is perfect for giving a crisp sound to mid-range vocal frequencies as well as a deep bass, making it a great all-rounder designed to tackle anything in your music collection. Each one also allows you to adjust the bass and treble controls depending on which room you're in, meaning you can choose a mellower sound for the bedroom or more of a thumping set-up for the impromptu house parties in the front room!

Sub Woofers with Big Bass

In the words of Peep Show, "Big Beats are the best". For a lot of people, the main thing to look for in a speaker is whether it plays loud music loudly and makes the bass and percussion really pop. For that the Sonos Sub is the speaker you want - it's big, loud and the best speaker for a larger room.

The two force-cancelling drivers provide loud, powerful bass without buzzing or rattling and you can even go a step further with the app, optimising your speaker for the acoustics of your room. If you're here to make a lot of noise, the Sonos Sub won't disappoint.

A Home Cinema with Crisp Sound

If you're more of a film buff who wants the best sound for their television or a gamer who wants to hear the rev of the engine or grizzled soldier barking orders at them, a sound bar is probably more up your alley. The powerful Sonos Beam or the more compact Sonos Arc are just the thing, allowing you to make the most of your television and turn your front room into a home cinema.

Like their other wireless speakers, Sonos sound bars allow you to adjust the EQ settings like bass, treble and loudness to find your perfect level. On top of that, you can use Speech Enhancement on the app to make dialogue extra clear and turn on Night Sound to reduce the volume on loud sound affects so you don't disturb the couple next door, meaning you'll win neighbour of the year as well as having the best sound system on the street.

Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

Why stop at just one? The main advantage to building a home sound system with Sonos is that you can get more than one and connect them all up via the app. This could mean picking up some extra portable speakers and a sub-woofer for your front room to create 5.1 surround sound or simply using different speakers around the house.

You can control what plays in each room so it doesn't matter whether you're doing something different to other people in the home or want your favourite album playing around the house - you can make it happen.