Online Micro-Needling Course

£8 instead of £75 for an Online Micro-Needling Course from XYZ - save 89%!




Online Micro-Needling Course
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Online Micro-Needling Course

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Save 89%!
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£8 instead of £75 for an Online Micro-Needling Course from XYZ - save 89%!


  • Online course: Treat skin damage and skin-ageing with the pricks of a few needles - this Online Micro-Needling Course will help you and your clients get glowing skin.
  • Modules: 8 comprehensive modules explore the anatomy of the skin and pre-existing or post-procedural issues. There is an emphasis on how micro-needling works, its benefits, and aftercare once micro-needling is completed.
  • Learning outcomes: Learn to use micro-needling to safely create tiny channels into the skin to reverse ageing by allowing the optimal usage of skincare products and encouraging skin and cell regrowth.
  • Perfect for: Skincare professionals with prior experiences in facials and microblading, as well as medical professionals like doctors and nurses, will benefit from this course.
  • Certificate: This is a CPD-certified course.

Full Details

Experience micro-needling - where tiny needles do the mighty job of transforming skincare and appearance!

We're offering you an Online Micro-Needling Course for just£8 saving you 89% off Kirren Karara’s price.

Course Modules:

  • Module 1 covers anatomy and physiology.
  • Module 2 prepares you for skin consultations with your clients.
  • Module 3 explores contra-indications - pre-existing conditions that may or may not work for a client requiring micro-needling.
  • Module 4 goes in-depth into the contra-actions of micro-needling - issues that may crop up during and after the process and how to respond.
  • Module 5 explains the benefits of micro-needling and how the treatment works.
  • Module 6 explains different needle lengths - where and when they are required.
  • Module 7 has a detailed video demonstration of micro-needling.
  • Module 8 covers one of the most important parts of the micro-needling process - aftercare.

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  • Vouchers are valid for redemption for 30 days from purchase date.
  • May buy multiples as gifts - applicable to all deals
  • Subject to availability - applicable to all deals
  • Pre - entry requirements: Experience with facials or qualification(s) in Microblading. You are also eligible to take this course if you are a nurse, doctor or dentist
  • A PDF copy of your certificate will be sent to you via email.
  • £25 assessment fee for the course will be additionally charged
  • Students can receive a laminated paper copy of their certificate at an additional surcharge of £20
  • Additional admin fee applies
  • This deal will be advertised on site until 17.05.2025. Price is subject to change.

This deal is brought to you by Kirren Karara Beauty Academy

This deal is brought to you by Kirren Karara Beauty Academy